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About Breeding Bird Atlas Manager

What is Breeding Bird Atlas (BBA) Manager?

BBA Manager is our online data management system designed to manage in-progress atlas projects and help them prepare for publication. Participants can log into the BBA Manager site and directly enter their field data, which can be subsequently reviewed by coordinators. After the review process, the interim data become available for the public in BBA Explorer. Some of the extensive data and GIS capabilities are summarized in this word document: BBA Explorer Feature Summary.doc


BBA Manager is made available at no cost to atlas projects through an agreement between USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center and staff USGS Core Science Systems Mission Area. Recent changes in funding and staffing have made it more difficult for us to host new projects.


Atlas projects using BBA Manager

Listed below are the projects that are currently using BBA Manager. Please contact individual projects if you are interested in knowing more about their experience with BBA Manager. Contact information is available in each project’s home.


Atlas projects currently using BBA Manager
  CA: Solano County Breeding Bird Atlas 2004-2009
CA-Solano Co. logo
  CA: Sonoma County Breeding Bird Atlas 2011-2015
CA-Sonoma Co. logo
  CA: Yolo County Breeding Bird Atlas 2009-2013
CA-Yolo Co. logo
  Delaware Breeding Bird Atlas 2008-2012 (field work completed)
DE Atlas logo
  Florida Breeding Bird Atlas 2011-2016
FL Atlas logo
  Indiana Breeding Bird Atlas 2005-2010
Indiana Atlas logo
  Maryland & the District of Columbia Breeding Bird Atlas 2002-2006 (published)
Maryland Ornithological Society Atlas Logo
  Massachusetts Breeding Bird Atlas 2007-2011 (publication in press)
MA2007 logo
  Michigan Breeding Bird Atlas 2002-2007
MI2002 logo
  New Mexico Breeding Bird Atlas Project 2001-2005
New Mexico BBA Logo
  NC: Mecklenburg County Breeding Bird Atlas 2011-2013
Mecklenburg BBA Logo
VT Butterfly Atlas 
  Vermont Breeding Bird Atlas Project 2003-2007 (published)
  Vermont Breeding Bird Atlas (brown creeper logo)
  VA: Loudoun County Bird Atlas 2009-2013
VA-Loudoun Co. logo


For project coordinators of new/ongoing atlas projects:

Please see our guidelines in Information Management for Breeding Bird Atlas as presented at the 2004 North American Ornithological Atlas Committee (NORAC) meeting. After reading this document, you should consider comparing the data management systems listed in the "information management" document above (also listed on our home page). To begin your comparison, you may wish to view a brief features summary of our BBA Manager system.

For further information, please contact:

Mark Wimer
Phone: 301-497-5596
USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center
12100 Beech Forest Road
Laurel, MD 20708-4038

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