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Get Map Data for Atlases
Atlas data for Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Files are Windows zip archives, of the following types:
Layer name Shapefile KML/KMZ file Last updated
Atlas spatial data
Atlas blocks, published atlases blocks_shp.zipdownload shapefile
(5.14 MB .shp) (pub. & current)download Google Earth file
(6.57 MB .kml)
Oct 2009
Atlas blocks, current atlases cur_blocks_shp.zipdownload shapefile
(2.75 MB .shp) (pub. & current)download Google Earth file
(6.57 MB .kml)
Oct 2009
Atlas Topo quads/larger block units (published)download shapefile
(2.85 MB .shp) (published)download Google Earth file
(2.5 MB .kml)
Aug 2007
Atlas status/details for U.S. & Canadian atlases atlas_projects_shp.zipdownload shapefile
(4.56 MB .shp)
Atlas Projectsdownload Google Earth file
(343 KB .kml)
Aug 2007
Atlas breeding evidence data The core atlas data (the breeding evidence by block) is available for
any archived atlas by email request; it is provided separately from
GIS layers but is ready to JOIN to layers.
Base Layers
NABCI Bird Conservation Regions bcr_shp.zipdownload shapefile
(5.4 MB .shp)
bcr_kml.zipdownload Google Earth file
(3.4 MB .kml)
Aug 2007
Partners in Flight Physio Regions pif_shp.zipdownload shapefile
(872 KB .shp)
pif_kml.zipdownload Google Earth file
(595 KB .kml)
Aug 2007
 •Current blocks refers to atlas projects that are currently being conducted & are managed in BBA Explorer
 •Published blocks refers to atlases that have been completed and published & are archived in BBA Explorer
 •The projection of all files is Geographic North American Datum 1983

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