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Breeding Bird Atlas Species Maps
BBA Species Maps
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Welcome to the BBA Species Maps!
Make maps based on published atlases archived in BBA Explorer.
For more information about this application, see the About BBA Species Maps page.
How to use the map tools:
  Redraw: redraw the map
  Pan: click and drag to redraw the map
  Zoom In: zoom in on the map location
  Zoom Out: zoom out on the map location
  Size: set the number of times to zoom in or out
  print map click the icon above to print the current map
Check which layers you wish to display, then click Redraw.
 Atlas Layers
    (For more information, see the status view atlas status map)
 Background Layers
See the atlas list on the BBA homepage for information about where the data displayed here came from.
You can also download data from our Get Data page and create your own maps.
See also: About BBA Species Maps | Current atlas map examples: Forster's Tern in DE, Blue-winged Warbler in MA
Related topics: Map Gallery | Get Map Data

Help & Hints
• To redraw the map with your selections, click the "Redraw" button or the map itself.

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