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General Features

Individual Breeding Bird Atlases

  Atlas Description & Results (public access)

  Enter & View Data for active projects (permission: Atlaser* level)

Where are the links? Pages requiring login are not linked
here, but are listed for completeness.

  • My Atlas View
    • My Assigned Blocks (field card entry & reports)
    • Incidentals (incidental entry & viewing)
    • Detailed Results by Block (including others' sightings)
    • My Contributions - a summary of all data submitted
      • Download all my data
    • My Profile (edit password & contact info)

  Coordinate Atlas Region for active projects (permission: Coordinator level)

  • Observers (list)
    • Add & Edit Observers
    • Assign to block by year, track progress
  • Progress & Review for coordination region (summary)
    • Review submitted data
    • Edit or enter data collected by others
  • Download data for region (e.g. for whole county)

  Project Coordinator Tools (permission: Project Coordinator level)

  • Edit Block Description & Coordination status
  • Document Editor
  • Periodic data download in Access datafile & associated GIS files
  • Other tools added may not be listed here


  * We are aware that some people spell atlaser with an extra consonant: "atlasser". We do not - sorry Roz.


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