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Paul W. Sykes, Jr.

USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center                       
School of Forest Resources
University of Georgia
Athens, GA 30602

Telephone: 706-542-1237

Fax: 706-546-2109


Volunteer/Emeritus Scientist

Primary Responsibilities: 
Research on bird problems in southeastern United States

B.S.  North Carolina State University (1961)
M.S.  North Carolina State University (1967) 

Areas of Expertise/Interest: Bird population sampling and management techniques, biology and ecology of endangered birds; migration, distribution, and biology of Neotropical migrants 
Accomplishments/Awards/Achievements: Has published 145+ titles (including parts of one book and three monographs) 1959 through 2005;  has reviewed 125+ manuscripts ; Elective Member American Ornithologists Union (1985); Regional Christmas bird count editor for National Audubon Society Field Notes 1975 to 2001;  member Georgia Ornithological Society Checklist and Records Committee (1996 to 2003); received the Georgia Ornithological Society's Earle R. Greene Award for outstanding achievement in ornithology, October 5, 2002; member Important Bird Areas Committee for Georgia  (1998 to 2004) and has participated on 370 Christmas bird counts (1956 through 2005) and organized and compiled 162 counts.

Active Projects: 
Annual survival in the southeastern coastal breeding population of the Painted Bunting (1999-2007)

Develop a methodology to differentiate foraging signs of the Ivory-billed Woodpecker from that of the common and widespread Pileated Woodpecker (2005-2006)

Sykes, P.W., Jr. and S. Holzman. 2005. Current range of the eastern population of Painted Bunting (Passerina ciris) Part 1: breeding. North American Birds 59: 4-17.

Sykes, P.W., Jr., L.S. Atherton, M. Gardler, and J.H. Hintermister V. 2004. The first Mangrove Swallow recorded in the United States. North American Birds 58:4-11.

Beaton, G., P. W. Sykes, Jr., and J.W. Parrish, Jr. 2003. Annotated checklist of Georgia birds. Occasional Publ. No. 14, Georgia Ornithol. Soc.

Ellison, K., P. W. Sykes, Jr., and C. I. Bocetti. 2002. Reevaluating Bay-breasted Warbler breeding range: nine-years of presence in Lower Michigan. Wilson Bull. 114:415-416.

Sykes, P. W., Jr. and W. Post. 2001. First specimen and evidence of breeding by the Shiny Cowbird in Georgia. Oriole 66: 45-51.

Deloria-Sheffield, C. M., K. F. Millenbach, C. I. Bocetti, P. W. Sykes, Jr., and C. B. Kepler. 2001. Kirtland's Warbler diet as determined through fecal analysis. Wilson Bull. 113: 384-387.

Sykes, P. W., Jr., A. K. Kepler, C. B. Kepler, and J. M. Scott.  2000.  Kauai Oo (Moho  braccatus),  Oahu Oo (Moho apicalis),  Bishops Oo (Moho bishopi), Hawaii Oo (Moho nobilis), and Kioea (Chaetoptila angustipluma).  In The birds of North America, No. 535 (A. Poole and F. Gill, eds.).  The Birds of North America, Inc.  Philadelphia, PA. 

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