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Jeffrey A. (Andy) Royle

USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center
12100 Beech Forest Road
Laurel, MD 20708

  Photo of Andy Royle

Telephone: 301-497-5846

Fax: 301-497-5545


Research Statistician

Dr. Royle is a Research Statistician engaged in the development of statistical methods and analytic tools for animal demographic modeling, statistical inference and sampling wildlife populations and communities. His current research is focused on hierarchical models of animal abundance and occurrence, Bayesian analysis in ecology, spatial modeling, and the development of spatial capture-recapture models.


Ph.D. (Statistics), North Carolina State University, 1996.
M.St. (Statistics), North Carolina State University, 1993
B.S. (Fisheries and Wildlife Management), Michigan State University, 1990


FWS On-the-Spot Award, 1999
FWS Star Award, 2001
USGS-PWRC Scientific Achievement Award, 2002
USGS-PWRC Star Award, 2002
USGS Scientific Achievement Award (2008)

Selected Publications/Products:

Royle, J.A. and R.M. Dorazio. 2008. Hierarchical Modeling and Inference in Ecology: The Analysis of Data from Populations, Metapopulations, and Communities. Academic Press, San Diego, CA. xviii, 444 pp. book info at publisher. Book Web Supplement: Data files, R and WinBUGS code

Royle, J.A.., J.D. Nichols, K.U. Karanth, A. Gopalaswamy. 2008. A hierarchical model for estimating density in camera-trap studies. Journal of Applied Ecology (in press)

Gardner, B., J.A. Royle and M.T. Wegan. 2008. Hierarchical models for estimating density from DNA mark-recapture studies. Ecology (in press)

Kéry, M., J.A. Royle and R.M. Dorazio. 2008. A model for species richness and occupancy estimation in predictably open communities. Ecology (in press).

Royle, J.A. 2008. Modeling individual effects in the Cormack-Jolly-Seber Model: A state-space formulation. Biometrics 64(2):364-370.

Royle, J.A. and K. Young. 2008. A hierarchical model for spatial capture-recapture data. Ecology 89(8):2281-2289.

Hooten, M.B., C.K. Wikle, R.M. Dorazio and J.A. Royle. 2007. Hierarchical spatiotemporal matrix models for characterizing invasions. Biometrics 63(2):558-567.

Royle, J.A., R.M. Dorazio and W.A. Link. 2007. Analysis of multinomial models with unknown index using data augmentation. Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics 16(1): 67-85.

Royle, J.A., M. Kéry, R. Gautier, and H. Schmid. 2007. Hierarchical spatial models of abundance and occurrence from imperfect survey data. Ecological Monographs 77(3):465-481.

Royle, J.A. and W.A. Link. 2006. Generalized site occupancy models allowing for false positive and false negative errors. Ecology 87(4):835-841.

Royle, J.A., J.D. Nichols and M. Kéry. 2005. Modeling Occurrence and Abundance of Species with Imperfect Detection. Oikos 110(2):353-359.

Dorazio, R.M. and J.A. Royle. 2005. Estimating size and composition of biological communities by modeling the occurrence of species. Journal of the American Statistical Association 100(470):389-398.

Royle, J.A. and W.A. Link. 2005. A general class of multinomial mixture models for anuran calling survey data. Ecology 86(9):2505-2512.

Royle, J.A., and P. Garrettson. 2005. The effect of reward band value on mid-continent mallard band reporting rates. Journal of Wildlife Management 69(2):800-804.

Royle, J.A., D.K. Dawson, and S. Bates. 2004. Modeling abundance effects in distance sampling. Ecology 85(6):1591-1597.

Royle, J.A. 2004. N-Mixture Models for estimating population size from spatially replicated counts. Biometrics 60(1):108-115.

Doherty, P.F., G. Sorci, J.A. Royle, J.E. Hines, J.D. Nichols, and T. Boulinier. 2003. Sexual selection affects local extinction and turnover. Proceedings of the National Academy of Science 100(10):5858-5862.

Royle, J.A. and J.D. Nichols. 2003. Estimating abundance from repeated presence-absence data or point counts. Ecology 84(3):777-790.

Royle, J.A., M. Koneff and R. Reynolds. 2002. Spatial modeling of wetland condition in the U.S. Prairie Pothole Region. Biometrics 8(2):104-113.

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