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George F. Gee

Crane Restoration Ecology
USGS, Patuxent Wildlife Research Center
12011 Beech Forest Road
Laurel MD 20708-4041

Photo of George F. Gee

Telephone: 301-497-5750

Fax: 301-497-5675


Emeritus Biologist

Primary Responsibilities: 

B.V.A., University of Massachusetts (1960) 
M.S., University of Maine (1962), Physiology
PhD., University of Georgia (1967), Avian Physiology

Areas of Expertise/Interest: Avian Physiology, Environmental Physiology, Restoration Ecology, Avian Reproduction, Egg Incubation, Cryopreservation
Outstanding Performance Awards 1988, 1993, and 1994.  Patuxent Scientific Achievement Award 1996. Certificate of Appreciation from International Crane Foundation 1999. Honor Award Whooping Crane Conservation Association 2001.

Past Projects:
Development of methods for the restoration ecology of cranes

Captive research studies for the restoration ecology of cranes 
Restoration ecology of a migratory flock of whooping cranes: Wisconsin to Florida

Assessing the genetic status of Whooping Cranes with AFLP

Nighttime behavior of whooping cranes released in Florida (under review but funded)  

Restoration ecology of a nonmigrating population of whooping cranes in Florida: behavioral and habitat changes to increase survival

Development of microsomal P450 as a bioindicator for environmental contaminant exposure

Ellis, D. H., G. F. Gee, S. R. Hereford, G. H. Olsen, T, D. Chisolm, J. M. Nicolich, K. A. Sullivan, N. J. Thomas, M. Negendran, and J. S. Hatfield.  2000.  Post-release survival of hand-reared and parent-reared Mississippi sandhill cranes. The Condor 102: 104-112. 

Ellis, D. H., G. F. Gee, and C. M. Mirande (eds).  1996.  Cranes: Their Biology, Husbandry and Conservation. US Department of Interior, National Biological Service, Washington, DC, International Crane Foundation, Baraboo, Wisconsin, and the US Fish and Wildlife Service, Washington, DC. 307pp. 

Jarvi, S. I., G. F. Gee, M. M. Miller, and W. E. Briles. 1995. A complex alloantigen system in Florida sandhill cranes, Grus canadensis pratensis: Evidence for the Major Histocompatibility (B) system. Journal of Heredity 86:348-353.  

Gee, G. F. 1995.  Artificial insemination and cryopreservation of semen from nondomestic birds. Pages 262-279. In M. R. Bakst and G. J. Wishart (eds). First International Symposium of the Artificial Insemination of Poultry. The Poultry Science Association, Inc., Savoy, Illinois. 297pp. 

Gee, G., M. R. Bakst, and T. J. Sexton. 1985. Cryogenic preservation of semen from the greater sandhill crane. J. Wildl. Manage. 49:480-484.  

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