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Jane E. Fallon

USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center
12100 Beech Forest Road
Laurel, MD 20708


Telephone: 301-497-5664

Fax: 301-497-5624


Biological Science Technician

Primary Responsibilities: 
Provide GIS programming using Arc/Info and ArcView to develop coverages, conduct spatial analyses, produce maps, and select study areas.  Process research data using SAS, dBase, and spreadsheets to enter, manipulate and analyze data.  Fieldwork includes GPS use, point counts and vegetation surveys.

M.S., Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, 1967; Mathematics
B.S., Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI, 1966; Mathematics

Areas of Expertise/Interest: GIS, bird population changes, invasive exotic plants.
2000: USGS Star Award for GIS work done in digitizing BBS routes.

1994: NBS On-the-Spot Award for nest study fieldwork.

1966-1967:  Fellowship, Ohio State University

Active Projects: 

Modeling temporal and geographic aspects of population change: analysis and display of count survey data

Selected Publications/Products: 

Sauer, J. R., J. E. Hines, and J. Fallon. 2005. The North American Breeding Bird Survey, Results and Analysis 1966 - 2005. Version 6.2.2006, USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center, Laurel, MD. URL:

Sauer, J. R., J. E. Fallon, and R. Johnson. 2003.  Use of North American Breeding Bird Survey data to estimate population change for bird conservation regions.  J. Wildlife Management 67:372-389.

Dowell B. A., J. E.  Fallon, C. S. Robbins, D. K. Dawson, and F. W.  Fallon.  2000.  Impacts of cowbird parasitism on wood thrushes and other neotropical migrants in suburban Maryland forests.  Pages 244-254 in J. N. M. Smith, T. Cook, S. Rothstein, S. Robinson, and S. Sealy.  Ecology and management of cowbirds and their hosts:  studies in the conservation of North American passerine birds.   University of Texas Press, Austin, TX.  ix, 388 pp. 

Nichols, J. D., J. E.  Hines,  J. R.  Sauer, F.  Fallon, J. Fallon, and P. J. Heglund.  2000.  A double-observer approach for estimating detection probability and abundance from avian point counts. The Auk 117:393-408.   

Coates-Estrada, R., B.A. Dowell, J.E. Fallon, and C.S. Robbins.  Netting Bias in Tropical Bird Studies.  Proceedings from the November, 1993, Neotropical Symposium in Mexico. 

Haseman, J.K. and J.E. Fallon.  “NTP Historical Data for F-344 Rats”, Chapter 35 in Pathology of the F-344 Rat.  Academic Press, Inc. 1989

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