WE, THE UNDERSIGNED, being persons of full age and citizens of the United States, and a majority being citizens of the District of Columbia, pursuant to and in conformity with section 545 to 552, inclusive, of the Revised Statutes of the United States relating to the District of Columbia, as amended by an act of Congress entitled "An Act to Amend the Revised Statutes of the United States relating to the District of Columbia and for other purposes," approved 23 April 1884, hereby associate ourselves together as a society or body corporate and certify in writing:     

1. That the name of the society is The Washington Biologists' Field Club.
2. That the term for which it is organized is ninety-nine years.
3. That its particular business and objects are the promotion of research upon the fauna and flora of the District of Columbia and vicinity, and the general advancement of biological science, with power:
        a. To hold meetings.
        b. To acquire, hold and convey real estate and other property.
        c. To make and maintain collections of biological specimens.
        d. To conduct field excursions.
        e. To establish and maintain a club-house.
        f. And, in general, to transact any business pertinent to a biologists' field club.
4. That the affairs, funds and property of the corporation shall be in general charge of a Board of Managers, the number of whose members for the first year shall be nine, all of whom shall be chosen from among the members of the Club.

WITNESS our hands and seals this 11th day of May, 1901.
             J. LOUIS WILLIGE                 for CHARLES LOUIS POLLARD
             Witness for all                           for WILFRED H. OSGOOD

for W. P. HAY

Signed by Charles Louis Pollard, Wilfred H. Osgood and W. P. Hay in my presence, and acknowledged by them as and for their voluntary act and deed this 22nd day of May, 1901.

                                                           J. LOUIS WILLIGE
                                                        Notary Public

District of Columbia,
Office of the Recorder of DeedsThis is to certify that the foregoing is a true and verified copy of a Certificate of incorporation, and of the whole of such certificate, as received for record on the 23rd day of May, 1901, 1:24 p.m.                                                           

Deputy Recorder of Deeds