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List of Active Waterfowl Research/Science Projects at Patuxent Wildlife Research Center by Accession Number With Links to Project Descriptions
Science Information System (SIS) Project Titles, Updated 7/10/2002
5001847 Toxicity of lead-contaminated sediments to waterfowl
5001853 Toxicity of lead-contaminated sediments to juvenile waterfowl, including estimation of sediment consumption by waterfowl
5001888 Development of models of mallard population dynamics for adaptive harvest management
5003469 Population dynamics of Canada Geese within the Atlantic Flyway
5003497 Maintaining and serving a bibliographic database to North American waterfowl and their wetland habitats
5004023 Evaluating rice fields as foraging habitat for waterfowl to improve delivery of the Lower Mississippi Valley Joint Venture


Effects of chlorfenapyr on adult birds

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