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List of Active Research Projects at Patuxent Wildlife Research Center about Mercury Pollution with Links to Project Descriptions
Science Information System (SIS) Project Titles, Updated 7/10/2002
5001814 Contaminant Hazard Reviews and other information transfer projects
5001855 Physiological and teratogenic effects of mercury on aquatic birds nesting along the mid-to lower Carson River and vicinity, Nevada
5001875 Mercury in tree swallows and feathers of other species that line tree swallow nests at Acadia National Park, Maine
5001894 Species decline: contaminants and other contributing factors
5003060 Bioavailability and potential effects of mercury and other selected trace metals on biota in Plow Shop and Grove Pond, Fort Devens, MA
5004074 Contaminant Exposure and Potential Effects on Reproduction of Ospreys Nesting in Chesapeake Bay Regions of Concern 
5004580 The effects of dietary methyl mercury exposure on American kestrels (Falco sparverius)
5004728 Use of the Tree Swallow (Tachycineta bicolor) to assess the bioavailability and effects of contaminants in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed
5004799 Contaminant Exposure and Potential Reproductive Effects in Ospreys Nesting in Delaware River and Bay
5004877 Sediment Quality in Canals that Discharge into Biscayne Bay, Dade County, Florida

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