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Updated April 1, 2015

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Grant, E. H. C., 2015, Please don't misuse the museum: ‘declines’ may be statistical: Global Change Biology, v. 21, no. 3, p. 1018-1024. Chambert, T., Miller, D. A. M., and Nichols, J. D., 2015, Modeling false positive detections in species occurrence data under different study designs: Ecology, v. 99, no. 2, p. 33-339.

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October 2014 -- March 2015

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Brand, A. B., A. N. M. Wiewel, and E. H. C. Grant. 2014. Potential reduction in terrestrial salamander ranges associated with Marcellus shale development. Biodiversity and Conservation 180:233-240. Abstract

Carleton, M. D., A. L. Gardner, I. Y. Pavlinov, and G. G. Musser. 2014. The valid generic name for red-backed voles (Muroidea: Cricetidae: Arvicolinae): restatement of the case for Myodes Pallas. Journal of Mammalogy 95(5):943-959. BioOne ; Abstract

Chambert, T., W. L. Kendall, J. E. Hines, J. D. Nichols, P. Pedrini, J. H. Waddle, G. Tavecchia, S. C. Walls, and S. Tenan. 2015. Testing hypotheses on distribution shifts and changes in phenology of imperfectly detectable species. Methods in Ecology and Evolution Online Early February 23 Abstract

Chambert, T., D. A. M. Miller, and J. D. Nichols. 2015. Modeling false positive detections in species occurrence data under different study designs. Ecology 99(2):33-339. Abstract

Clement, M. J., K. L. Murray, D. I. Solick, and J. C. Gruver. 2014. The effect of call libraries and acoustic filters on the identification of bat echolocation. Ecology and Evolution 4(17):3482-3493. Abstract

Cooch, E. G. , M. Guillemain, G. S. Boomer, J.-D. Lebreton, and J. D. Nichols. 2014. The effects of harvest on waterfowl populations. Wildfowl (4):220-276.

Duarte, A., J. E. Hines, J. D. Nichols, J. S. Hatfield, and F. W. Weckerly. 2014. Age-specific survival of male golden-cheeked warblers on the Fort Hood Military Reservation, Texas. Avian Conservation and Ecology 9(2):Article 4. Abstract ; PDF

Farrell, J. M., K. L. Kapuscinski, and H. B. Underwood. 2014. Fine scale habitat use by age-1 stocked muskellunge and wild northern pike in an upper St. Lawrence River bay. Journal of Great Lakes Research 40, Supplement 2:148-153. Abstract

Goswami, V. R., K. Medhi, J. D. Nichols, and M. K. Oli. 2015. Mechanistic understanding of human–wildlife conflict through a novel application of dynamic occupancy models. Conservation Biology Online Early March 10 Abstract

Gustavsen, K. A., D. S. M. Guzman, H. K. Knych, O. S. Petritz, G. H. Olsen, and J. R. Paul-Murphy. 2014. Pharmacokinetics of buprenorphine hydrochloride following intramuscular and intravenous administration to American kestrels (Falco sparverius). American Journal of Veterinary Research 75(8):711-715. Abstract

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Knox, A., E. Holldorf, R. N. Reed, S. Igisomar, and S. W. Gotte. 2015. Boiga Irregularis (Brown Treesnake). Herpetological Review 46(1):61. Abstract

Lebuhn, G., S. Droege, E. F. Connor, B. Gemmill-Herren, S. G. Potts, R. L. Minckley, R. P. Jean, E. Kula, D. W. Roubik, K. W. Wright, G. Frankie, and F. Parker. 2015. Evidence-based conservation: Reply to Tepedino et al. Conservation Biology 29(1):283-285. Abstract

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McCranie, J. R. and S. W. Gotte. 2015. An investigation into the Swan Island Honduras collecting event of Tiaporus fuliginosus Cope (Reptilia: Teiidae) and its systematic status. Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington 127(4):543-556. Abstract

Miller.D.A.W., L. L. Bailey, E. H. C. Grant, B. T. McClintock, L. A. Weir, and T. R. Simons. 2015. Performance of species occurrence estimators when basic assumptions are not met: a test using field data where true occupancy status is known. Methods in Ecology and Evolution Online Early January 05 Abstract

Nichols, J. D., F. A. Johnson, B. K. Williams, and G. S. Boomer. 2015. On formally integrating science and policy: walking the walk. Journal of Applied Ecology Online Early February 26 Abstract

Osnas, E. E., M. C. Runge, B. J. Mattsson, J. Austin, G. S. Boomer, R. G. Clark, P. Devers, J. M. Eadie, E. V. Lonsdorf, and B. G. Tavernia. 2014. Managing harvest and habitat as integrated components. Wildfowl (Special Issue No. 4):305-328. Abstract

Palm, E. C., S. H. Newman, D. J. Prosser, X. Xiao, L. Ze, N. Batbayar, S. Balachandran, and J. Y. Takekawa. 2015. Mapping migratory flyways in Asia using dynamic Brownian bridge movement models. Movement Ecology 3( 3) Abstract

Powell, L. L., J. D. Wolfe, E. I. Johnson, J. E. Hines, J. D. Nichols, and P. C. Stouffer. 2015. Heterogeneous movement of insectivorous Amazonian birds through primary and secondary forest: A case study using multistate models with radiotelemetry data. Biological Conservation Online Early March 6 Abstract

Rader, J. A., M. E. Dillon, R. T. Chesser, P. Sabat, and C. M. Del Rio. 2014. Morphological divergence in a continental adaptive radiation: South American ovenbirds of the genus Cinclodes. Auk 132(1):180-190. Abstract

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Rashford, B. S., R. M. Adams, J. J. Wu, R. A. Voldseth, G. R. Guntenspergen, B. Werner, and W. C. Johnson. 2015. Impacts of climate change on land-use and wetland productivity in the Prairie Pothole Region of North America. Regional Environmental Change Online Early February 17 Abstract

Rattner, B. A., K. E. Horak, R. S. Lazarus, S. L. Schultz, S. Knowles, B. G. Abbo, and S. F. Volker. 2015. Toxicity reference values for chlorophacinone and their application for assessing anticoagulant rodenticide risk to raptors. Ecotoxicology Online Early January 20 Abstract

Reynolds, M. H., K. N. Courtot, K. W. Brinck, C. L. Rehkemper, and J. Hatfield . 2015. Long-term Monitoring of Endangered Laysan Ducks: Index Validation and Population Estimates 1998-2012. Journal of Fish and Wildlife Management 6(1) Abstract

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Sparling, D. W., J. Bickham, D. Cowman, G. M. Fellers, T. Lacher, C. W. Matson, and L. McConnell. 2015. In situ effects of pesticides on amphibians in the Sierra Nevada. Ecotoxicology 24(2):262-278. Abstract

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Sutherland, C., A. K. Fuller, and J. A. Royle. 2015. Modelling non-Euclidean movement and landscape connectivity in highly structured ecological networks. Methods in Ecology and Evolution 6(2):169-177. Abstract

Tavares, V. C., A. L. Gardner, H. E. Ramirez-Chaves, and P. M. Velazco. 2014. Systematics of Vampyressa melissa Thomas, 1926 (Chiroptera, Phyllostomidae), with descriptions of two new species of Vampyressa. American Museum Novitates no.3813:27pp. Abstract

Viain, A., J.-P. L. Savard, S. Gilliland, M. C. Perry, and M. Guillemette. 2014. Do seaducks minimise the flightless period?: Inter- and intra-specific comparisons of remigial moult. PLoS ONE 9(9):e107929. Abstract

Yackulic, C. B., J. D. Nichols, J. Reid, and R. Der. 2015. To predict the niche, model colonization and extinction. Ecology 96(1):16-23. Abstract

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Weir, L. A., J. A. Royle, K. D. Gasenski, and O. Villena. 2014. Northeast regional and state trends in anuran occupancy from calling survey data (2001-2011) from the North American Amphibian Monitoring Program. Herpetological Conservation and Biology 9(2):223-245. PDF

Woodman, N. and F. A. Stabile. 2015. Functional skeletal morphology and its implications for locomotory behavior among three genera of myosoricine shrews (Mammalia: Eulipotyphla: Soricidae) . Journal of Morphology Online Early February 10 Abstract

April 2014 -- September 2014

Amundson, C. L., J. A. Royle, and C. M. Handel. 2014. A hierarchical model combining distance sampling and time removal to estimate detection probability during avian point counts. Auk 131(4):476-494. Abstract

Berger, K. A., H. S. Ginsberg, K. D. Dugas, L. H. Hamel, and T. N. Mather. 2014. Adverse moisture events predict seasonal abundance of lyme disease vector ticks (Ixodes scapularis). Parasites & Vectors 7(181):8 pages. Abstract

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Goswami, V. R., S. Sridhara, K. Medhi, A. K. Williams, R. Chellam, J. D. Nichols, and M. K. Olia. 2014. Community-managed forests and wildlife-friendly agriculture play a subsidiary but not substitutive role to protected areas for the endangered Asian elephant. Biological Conservation 177:74-81. Abstract

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