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Updated October 1, 2014

We are announcing our new publications with links to full text sources where possible. The list will be updated every six months. The previous six-month list will be below the current list. Some of the files linked below are in Portable Document Format (PDF) so you will need to use Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them. If you don't already have this free software, please download and install the latest version.

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If you would like to search our past publications, visit the Patuxent bibliography (select PWRC_Bibliography). See a full description of the database here. Many of the records include abstracts and/or links to full text.

April 2014 -- October 2014

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Amundson, C. L., J. A. Royle, and C. M. Handel. 2014. A hierarchical model combining distance sampling and time removal to estimate detection probability during avian point counts. Auk 131(4):476-494. Abstract

Berger, K. A., H. S. Ginsberg, K. D. Dugas, L. H. Hamel, and T. N. Mather. 2014. Adverse moisture events predict seasonal abundance of lyme disease vector ticks (Ixodes scapularis). Parasites & Vectors 7(181):8 pages. Abstract

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Breininger, D., B. Duncan, M. Eaton, F. Johnson, and J. Nichols. 2014. Integrating land cover modeling and adaptive management to conserve endangered species and reduce catastrophic fire risk. Land 3(3):874-897. Abstract

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Ceulemans, S. M., D. S. M. Guzman, G. H. Olsen, H. Beaufrcre, and J. R. Paul-Murphy. 2014. Evaluation of thermal antinociceptive effects after intramuscular administration of buprenorphine hydrochloride to American kestrels (Falco sparverius). American Journal of Veterinary Research 75(8):705-710. Abstract

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Clement, M. J., T. J. Rodhouse, P. C. Ormsbee, J. M. Szewczak, and J. D. Nichols. 2014. Accounting for false-positive acoustic detections of bats using occupancy models. Journal of Applied Ecology 51(5):1460-1467. Abstract

Cohen, E. B., J. A. Hostetler, J. A. Royle, and P. P. Marra. 2014. Estimating migratory connectivity of birds when re-encounter probabilities are heterogeneous. Ecology and Evolution 4(9):1659-1670. Abstract

Conrad, P. M., L. A. Weir, and P. Nanjappa, editors. 2014. Annual Report: 2013. Annual Report No. 4. Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation (PARC), Hagerstown, MD. 24 pp. PDF

Fackler, P. L., K. Pacifici, J. Martin, and C. McIntyre. 2014. Efficient use of information in adaptive management with an application to managing recreation near golden eagle nesting sites . PLoS ONE 9(8):e102434. Abstract

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Ginsberg, H. S., E. L. Rulison, A. Azevedo, G. C. Pang, I. M. Kuczaj, J. I. Tsao, and R. A. LeBrun. 2014. Comparison of survival patterns of northern and southern genotypes of the North American tick Ixodes scapularis (Acari: Ixodidae) under northern and southern conditions. Parasites & Vectors 7:394. Abstract

Goswami, V. R., S. Sridhara, K. Medhi, A. K. Williams, R. Chellam, J. D. Nichols, and M. K. Olia. 2014. Community-managed forests and wildlife-friendly agriculture play a subsidiary but not substitutive role to protected areas for the endangered Asian elephant. Biological Conservation 177:74-81. Abstract

Grant, E. H. C., A. N. M. Wiewel, and K. C. Rice. 2014. Stream-water temperature limits occupancy of salamanders in mid-atlantic protected areas. Journal of Herpetology 48(1):45-50. Abstract

Graves, T., R. B. Chandler, J. A. Royle, P. Beier, and K. C. Kendall. 2014. Estimating landscape resistance to dispersal. Landscape Ecology 29(7):1201-1211 . Abstract

Guevara, L., V. Sanchez-Cordero, L. León-Paniagua, and N. Woodman. 2014. A new species of small-eared shrew (Mammalia, Soricomorpha, Cryptotis) from the Lacandona Rainforest, Mexico. Journal of Mammalogy 95(4):739-753. Abstract

Guzman, D. S. M., B. KuKanich, T. L. Drazenovich, G. H. Olsen, and J. R. Paul-Murphy. 2014. Pharmacokinetics of hydromorphone hydrochloride after intravenous and intramuscular administration of a single dose to American kestrels (Falco sparverius). American Journal of Veterinary Research 75(6):527-531. Abstract

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Karouna-Renier, N. K., C. White, C. R. Perkins, J. J. Schmerfeld, and D. Yates. 2014. Assessment of mitochondrial DNA damage in little brown bats (Myotis lucifugus) collected near a mercury-contaminated river . Ecotoxicology 23(8):1419-1429. Abstract

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Mocino-Deloya, E., K. Setser, M. Heacker, and S. Peurach. 2014. Diet of New Mexico ridge-nosed rattlesnake (Crotalus willardi obscurus) in the Sierra San Luis and Sierra Pan Duro, México. Journal of Herpetology Online Early April 17 Abstract

Muletz, C., N. M. Caruso, R. C. Fleischer, R. W. McDiarmid, and K. R. Lips. 2014. Unexpected rarity of the pathogen Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis in Appalachian Plethodon salamanders: 1957-2011. PLoS ONE 9(8):e103728. Abstract

Neckles, H. A., J. E. Lyons, G. R. Guntenspergen, W. G. Shriver, and S. C. Adamowicz. 2014. Use of structured decision making to identify monitoring variables and management priorities for salt marsh ecosystems. Estuaries and Coasts Online Early May Abstract

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October 2013 -- March 2014

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