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For some introductory information, go here. You can find additional information about the fields in this database by accessing the key and documentation. Also, to learn more about the US Fish and Wildlife Service Endangered Species Recovery Plans, go here.

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Information on these web pages should be cited as follows:

Fellows, Valerie. 2003. MS Thesis entitled "Pollution and Contaminants Contributing to Species Decline: An Analysis of Threatened and Endangered Species Recovery Plans", University of Maryland, Eastern Shore.

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Common Name:    Genus:  

Species: Subspecies:

Contributor to cause of decline 1 to N; summary of the action threatening a species

Primary source of stress associated with decline:
Agricultural - (ex. feedlots, pastures, crop production, rangeland) Industrial - (ex. large coroporations, processing plants, paper mills, chemical manugacturers) Municipal - (urban, suburban, rurl and residential; ex. runoff from lawns and streets) Waterway navigation - (alteration of a body of water or any part of its structure or processes) Select one below:

Primary stressors attributing to cause of decline 1 to N:

Specific contaminant listed as a cause of decline 1 to N:

Tissue contaminant reported in cause of decline 1 to N
(eg., liver, muscle, etc.):

Residue concentration of contaminant reported in tissue 1 to N
(in ppm or pg/g, etc.)

Matrix--Abiotic source of exposure for cause of decline:
Path--Primary pathway to tissue concentration for cause of decline 1 to N:
Mode--Mode of action of cause of decline 1 to N
(includes suspect or potential toxicological impacts):

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