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National Reporting Center forAmphibian Deformities

Joseph Tietge

US Environmental Protection Agency
Mid-Continent Ecology Division
6201 Congdon Blvd
Duluth, MN 55804

Currently, plans are being discussed to create a national reporting center for amphibiandeformities. At present, this is just a concept and the details associated with a potential"clearinghouse" of information are being identified and evaluated. The idea is that while stateagencies are in the best position to receive, confirm, and investigate reports of deformities, it isdifficult for these organizations to collect and analyze data on a regional or national level to helpascertain the broader geographical significance of their findings and to formulate reasonablecause-effect hypotheses. A national reporting center, in whatever shape it takes, could helpanalyze the situation and answer some of the basic questions, such as:

Conceptually, this center would only accept data from state, university, or other organizationswhich can validate information provided by their staff and public. The center would establishdata quality objectives and assist in developing a standardized reporting format.

If and when a reporting center is developed, we will post the information here.

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