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Surveys Of Calling Amphibians In North Dakota


Douglas H. Johnson
Ronald D. Batie

U.S. Geological Survey
Biological Resources Division
Northern Prairie Science Center
Jamestown, North Dakota

[ Abstract ]

Abstract.--Amphibians have received increased attention in recent years from the scientific community and general public alike. Many populations throughout the world have declined, or even been extirpated, often without an apparent cause. Concern about the status of amphibians has translated into a growing interest in systematic and statistically-sound monitoring programs. Several extensive efforts to monitor populations of calling amphibians are in place, and more are under development. Necessary for the design of appropriate surveys is an understanding of the behavior, especially vocalization, of the various species, and how it varies by geographic location and environmental conditions. In 1995 we conducted roadside surveys of calling amphibians along 44 routes in North Dakota. This report describes the results of that survey, with special attention given to the variables that influence detectability of calling amphibians.

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