From Fri Feb 23 10:55:15 1996

Subject: Re[2]: NAAMP III On-Line

I think an important consideration in the design of volunteer monitoring programs is clearly the volunteers themselves. I agree that monitoring programs should be statistically defensible, but it is necessary to keep the interests of the volunteers in mind, also. Some people are not going to want to go to certain areas, or at certain times, or may not be interested in certain types of activities, but may want to be involved anyway. If they can be drawn into a program that uses a variety of approaches, such as that described for Ontario, then so much the better. The program which has been developed in Ontario seems like a nice middle ground to me, and if it is statistically defensible as well, then we should be getting some good information.

Brian Smith

National Biological Service

Northern Prairie Science Center

From Fri Feb 23 12:03:36 1996

Date: Fri, 23 Feb 1996 12:17:47 -0500

Subject: Re: Re[2]: NAAMP III On-Line

Brian: Good thoughts. I agree, statistically assigned plots are the ideal, but we can't do these surveys without volunteers, and most volunteers will want to stick close to home-- especially if they own property with wetlands.-- JH