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Initiated during the third North American Amphibian Monitoring Program meeting. Please submit a Poem!

Ambystoma macrodactylum croceum 1991 Randy Schmieder

Those silly tadpoles got tails, they jump and it fails
those silly tadpoles they got eyes smaller than dice
those silly tadpoles they got legs
until the tadpole begs and begs,
God please OOOOh Please!!!!!!
get my tail to go away and gimmie arms to swim by May!!!!!


Southern Leopard Frog
Green, Brown
It jumps around
wakes up at night.

Chris M

Stony creek Frog
Dark brown
crew crewwk crewwwk
fingers are not webbed
Litoria Lesueri

Josh B.

Little Grass Frog
Round toes,
high pitched song
North America's smallest frog
Limnaoedus Ocularis

Marissa Martin

Stonycreek Frog
Striped head
It jumps high
Lives far from water
Litoria Leseuri

     Amber, 11


I saw a little frog sitting on a log
Was this a prince I wondered ?
Feeling all agog
The mysteries of nature
Captivate me still
The alchemy of childhood
The magic of the will
What could be accomplished
By just a little kiss
Would the magic still be working
An open door to bliss
I gazed into the froggie's eyes
Looking for a clue
He gazed right back into my eyes
And smiled as if he knew
The question was uncertain
My mind was in a fog
Would he become a handsome prince
Or would I become a frog
A kiss is such a meeting place
A risk at anytime
A chance at transformation
Of reason and of rhyme
I guess I'll never know now
I didn't take the chance
The froggie jumped off of his log
and danced a froggie dance
To late my dear he said to me
I am off to find a heart
That has more courage then yours does
And to make a brand new start
And so I often wonder
At night when I can't sleep
What might have been the outcome
If I could take the leap
But still in early spring time
The magic still is there
When frogs sing out their love songs
And love is in the air


Grizabella,the Glamour Frog
(Sung to the tune of "Grizabella,the Glamour Cat" from Cats)

She haunted many,a low resort,near the grimy moat of Tottenham
Court.She leapt about the no-frogs pads,from the "rising sun" to
the "friend at hand",and the heron sighed as he scratched his
head,you'd really had thought she'd ought to be dead.And who would ever
suppose that that was Grizabella,the Glamour Frog?
Grizabella,the Glamour Frog,Grizabella,the Glamour Frog.
Who would ever suppose that that was Grizabella,the Glamour Frog?

(Sung to the tune of "Memory",also from Cats)

Silence-not a sound from the creekbed.
Has the moon lost her memory?
She is smiling alone.
In the moonlight,the sediments collect at my feet,and the wind begins to moan.


I Ate a Frog in the Deep of Night

I Ate A Frog In The Deep of Night
And It Went Down So Smooth
It Tasted Like Pistachio Nuts
I Swigged It Down With Juice.

I Felt A Beating In My Gut
I Downed A Great Horned Toad
And In The Morning Woke Up Fresh
And Set Off Down The Road

There Is Some Music In My Soul
A Belching and A Hammer
The Frog and Toad, They Were Sublime

Frank's Frogs

I was watering my garden late one night with my shorts on
right on my leg
Christ mate!!!
Don't do that
you gave me a fright.

The End.

   -  Frank Arthur Coates


I lie awake in my bed,
Listening to their lovely song.
Many days they sing me to sleep,
But not tonight.
I wonder why
They sit in the pond
And sing in a beautiful choir.
I wonder when
They fall asleep.
I ponder these things,
As I lie awake.
Oh well,
I guess I can find the answer tomorrow,
When I'm not so tired.
     -Ben Hall

The story of Tom the toad

A doctor got a visit from Tom the toad
whose family was killed on the road
The poor thing suffered from great emotional pain
and the trauma drove him nearly insane
When the doctor gave him some drugs
Tom calmed down and ate some bugs
For a few weeks all was good
but he got back his old depressive mood
And when he came to the road of his family's bad luck
he threw himself in front of a giant truck
        -Giel van der Linden

the world of the frogs

frogs come in many different shapes and sizes, including tiny little tree frogs,
and big huge bull frogs,
they can be green or red,
in my eyes they can as clear as the water, or as blue as the sky,

you dont beilieve me?
go see for yourself in
the world of the frogs

 Fish and Frogs

I'm a fish in a little pond
I swim below the ferny fronds
My friends are frogs and polliwogs
And turtles basking out on logs.
On sunny days my shadow swims
a pas de deux with my filmy fins.
The clouds are mountains overhead
guarding the valleys of the riverbed.
Here in the water it's safe and calm.
Yes, being a fish is just da bomb.
  - Kate Spencer

Frogs contain a fragment of the rainbow-
Their beautifully crafted colors splashed onto their bodies
Like paint onto a canvas.
The beautiful patterns are intricately woven

As if string on a loom.
Their wet skin shines luminescently in the pale moonlight
On a crisp summer night.

Frogs- ya gotta love 'em! -Pat McCafferty 

Haiku for an Amphibian

Slimy skin secretes
Cool body glides though water
Insects you consume 

I ask you why are frogs green?
Maybe so they can hide!

I ask you why they say "Ribbit, Ribbit?"
Maybe just to pass time by?

I ask you why frogs eat flies?
Maybe because they are just hungry!

I ask you why and Because I just want a reply!
     - Wyatt age 6 & Mom

Frog Rap Song

Yo, I'm not outa Compton
I'm outa the pond,

The brothers gimme grief
'cause I married a blonde,

I'm lean and I'm green,
not fat like a hog,br>

You better jump back,
'cause I'm "Snoop Froggy Frog"
      -Steve Fliesler 

Smell like seaweed
Tastes like water
Feels like wet slippery plastic
Sounds like beautiful music
Looks like a prince.
     - L.Hoeksema


There's a frog called Shawn peace frog
and he lived in a town called peacestin.
He was born to give out a sign and the
town called it a peace sign.
If you go by him, he will jump up and wave
hi with a peace sign!

    -   Alice age 11 from nj

Poor little froggie
In the lake so deep,
Went to K-Mart to buy his clothes
Real cheap.
Now he's in rags and can't go to
The ball.
Maybe he's learned now
To buy them from the mall.

Froggie loved another, but the other was a fish.
His soul went to the devil so he could get his only wish.
But the wish didn't work, of course
Cause in six months, the fish wanted a divorce.

Froggie is an emotional wreck.
Torn clothes, broken home...alimony check. ALways wanted love, power and wealth.
He's happy now being poor and in good health.
       -Shelley and Tracey

(tim. age 5) sent this comment:

One little frog went out one day.
Old Mother Frog said "Ribbit, ribbit, ribbit.
"Froggie came home and gave his mom a hug.
He said "Ribbit, ribbit,ribbit, ribbit, ribbit." 

FROGS AND DOGS-A rhyming poem

Frogs, frogs, they live in bogs,
And very moist they feel,
Dogs, dogs, the enemy of frogs,
They might make them a meal.

The frog runs away from the dog,
How very scared he feel,
The dog catches the frog,
And makes him do a deal.

The deal, says the dog, is to clean my house
And I won't make you a meal.
Now the dog and the frog are happy,
Cause they did that deal for real.

by Eleanor Broussard, Age 9

We decided not to cut up the catfor AP biology.
and that was that. Instead, we wrote a froggie lab
for the seventh graderswho all smell bad.
We've looked for informationall over the World Wide Web
and found this is a frogless nation.
What do we do?
Where do we go?
Frogs are important too, you know
      - PAT, JEN, AND MEGAN 

Times Almost Up

Turtles are fascinating to learn about,
But their lives are threatned without a doubt,
Their habitats invaded by pollution and trash,
Maybe some oil from a boating crash,
They are so innocent, you see it in their eyes,
With a look of confusion, it makes you want to cry,
Just another innocent animal being killed,
Even young turtles, their lives unfulfilled,
You may think, who cares, and you not alone,
But it's mother nature losing a child, think of losing your own,
It would be hard to lose a child, don't you see,
Mother nature feels the same way when she loses a tree,
Turtles are important to the cycle of life,
When one dies it's like cutting the circle with a knife,
It's a break on the cycle, and one doesn't hurt,
But when many are killed we must be alert,
For all gods creatures are important to me,
I think that we need to discover this, you see,
Turtles are beings, with hearts too,
We need to make a promise and stick to it like glue,
If we preserve this species, and others of the endangered kind,
We'll be able to live in the enviornment in harmony and peace of mind,
From the turtles on the land, to the dolphins on the shore,
Preserve, and protect, forever more. 

An Ode to a Toad (sung very seriously to the tune of O Christmas tree)

Oh Tom the Toad, Oh Tom the toad,
Why are you lying on the road?
Oh Tom the Toad, Oh Tom the Toad,
Why are you lying on the road?

Did you not see that truck ahead?
Now you are lyingFLAT AND DEAD (scream this part as you pound him flat)

Oh Tom the Toad, Oh Tom the Toad,Why are you lying on the road?

       -  no name submitted 

(a poem for high-latitude herpetologists)

Why must we suffer herpetologic rites
Spent on the daylit asymtotic north?
In wind-whipped, moonlit, dusk-lit northern lights
Cold as a winter still when dusk is forth.
Greased clay, peat slurry, sliding gravel banks,
Trip, fall, soak, rise, slip and fall aground
Thronged with Pseudacris voice the spirit ranks
Fill the bright air with evanescent sound.
One in a thousand is a corporeal frog
Bright as a paradox under the hoarding grass
Cheerful as death in the warm-cornered bog
Quick as an Eel under my numbed grasp.
But nightly venture out again, again,
The cold, the pain, the cold, the cold, the pain.

30 May 1980, Jenpeg-Norway House Rd, north of Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba
  - Fred Schueler 

I have to submit a poem
I think it's a frogs dream slippery grime
little toad in my hand
still bull spirit in the tiniest tadpole
and the tree up the hill
knew its hair and mesophyll
all the flies were there someday
is every stage in the jumps and falls
and then came the toad who wrecked our pad
caught a picture in this wet hole
amphibians watch them swimmingin a ditch
the humans

-Colton Johnston 

A Poem/Song to my daughter Megan.

Oh, Megan is a frog
She is sitting on a log
Eating bugs all morning, noon, and night
But when the sun goes down
She puts on her frog nightgown
And croaks until she sees the morning light
      - David Powell 

Frog Pledge Of Allegiance!

I pledge a allegiance, to the frogs,
Of the United Ponds of America,
And to the lilypads, on which they sit,
One pond, In the reeds,
On the water,With crickets and flies for all!
      -Frog Freak 

Frogs are sweet
Frogs are neat
Frogs have meat
They're good to eat

There was a frog
swimming through the bog
in deep water was he
then a strong current carried him away
far from home to the sea

He swam along until he heard a song
from a jolly sailor at sea
he picked him up in a cup
that poor stranded froggy the sailor ponged,
excuse me if i'm wrong
but to the froggy's misery
along came the captain....
and ate him up for tea!

   -aaron.  age 9 

I live across the sea from frogs,
and recently I met some frogs,
I told them nicely as I could,
I knew straight away they understood.

As the days have passed,
and friendships grown,
the joke we have still gets a groan.

You see my friends are french and its my beleif,
that they actually enjoy calling the english,
La Roast Beef!!!!!

      - afrogymous 

Pieces of me

First was my tail
as a pollywog
Then came a toe
in a frightn'ing fog
Just lost a foot
leaping off a log
The're parts of meal over this bog
Such is the life
of a leper frog!


There once was an eight-legged frog.
He used four to sit on a log.
He had three in his gut,
And one out his butt,
And was red and could bark like a dog.

   -His Excellency Dr. Prof. Lord Rear Admiral Rev. Xmos, Ph.D., M.D., L.L.Bean, B.S., P.D.Q., M.C., etc. 

Jeremiah was a bull frog
Was a good friend of mine
He only had two legs, instead of four
But instead of two eyes, he had nine.

  -His Excellency Dr. Prof. Lord Rear Admiral Rev. Xmos, Ph.D., M.D., L.L.Bean, B.S., P.D.Q., M.C., etc. 


I wanted to live where the froggies called:
where mossy earth was shaded by dogwood trees,
and the bullrush swayed in the cool misty breeze.

I wanted to live where the toadies trilled:
in grassy wet fields and marshes fair,
of bright buttercups and sweetflag-scented air.

I wanted to live there, and so did you.
In the beginning, it was just we two.

Then came our families, friends, and foes,
and up went the malls and houses in rows.

They channeled the creek and drained the wetland.
They cut down the woods and put in a "Petland."

Now the froggies don't live here anymore,
and our paved suburban sprawl we abhor.
We want to live where the froggies still call,
so we're moving out just past the new mall.

      -Shauna Weyrauch


Froggie jumped all over the stage that day

Rolling Stone magazine...sucked him dry and made him king Froggie let it rip with a big burp

Mick Jagger kissin' froggie's lips...studying films of frogie's hips His eyes are closed cause he's off in a world of ecstasy
Where froggie folks get the froggie scene


The rocker doctor came downtown to write prescriptionsby the pound And froggie spread it all around

Got 50,000 in his flock
He plays arena animal rock
He can barely stand up straight but somehowhe does Make his way directly to the front of the stage and


The show is over...the band is gone...the crowdis gone... His girlfriend's gone...his make-up's all been weated off... He's all gone...
He goes to fill that one last prescription... The only one with the deadly description... He swallows it down...
His brain explodes... his eyes implode...his tinyheart goes pueny pop... His shiny legs refuse to hop... he flots on down...
To a burning place...he looks around...for a friendly face...
The band is there patiently waitn' for froggie's brand new sonic creation He starts to ribbit...he starts to kick it

Rolling Stone magazine made him cry ad missed the king Froggie let rip with a big burp

Froggie jumped all over the stage that day

"Life in membrane"

Gosner wasn't nice
to set the ontogeny right
to list all the stages
and on all of the pages
to adjust the tadpolious might


Throughout the North
In every bogLives Rana pipien's
Pollywogs They swim in soups
Made slightly hoary
By chemicalsThought deformatory

But do not sigh
For these tiny tads
Evolve to froglets
Out on lily pads
Its a help to them
In times of plenty
To have spare legs
From two to twenty

   - Sam Droege 


Plethodon dorsalis - Rana capito sevosa,
Desmognathus fuscus - P. nigrita verrucosa,
Amphiuma tridactylum - Hyla gratiosa,
Plethodon dorsalis - Rana capito sevosa!

     - Mark Bailey and Red Namalas 

"The Pseudacris Psong"

You say or-nate-a,
I say or-not-a.
You say ni-greet-a,
I say ni-grite-a.
Or-nate-a, or-not-a,
Ni-greet-a, ni-grite-a,
Let's call the whole thing off.

     - Mark Bailey and Linda LaClaire 

Ode to a Dead Toad(or the world's worst poem)

I have a buddy.
My buddy's a toad.
He's kind of muddy.
He's flat on the road.
But he's my buddy,
my buddy to stay,
'til he's peeled up
and sailed away!
     - Anonymous 

peepers singer sweeter
than bullfrogs can croak
publish this poem or
suffer a poke

  - A Non Knee Moose 

Hellbenders are mighty beasts
Vacuuming rivers as they feast
Cousins Amphiuma and Siren
Live in swamp and muck-filled den
Newts and Ambystomas
Are extra special
Sometimes aquatic
Elsewise terrestrial
Waterdogs live riverine
Lethargic libidos big in beam
Ugly manders underwater
Maiden aunts without hauteur

   - Sam Droege 

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