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On NAAMP and the Use of the Internet as a Forum for Evolving Science

Randy Schmieder

Traditionally, science has been communicated through peer-reviewed hardcopy. With the rapid growth of internet technology, many new potentials for sharing and evolution of ideas are possible: open, low cost communication between researchers, both accredited and amateur, may allow not joint problem solving at scales previously not possible. Conservation especially, is a dynamic field which may benefit from such rapid dissemination of information. However, among many concerns for the use of this media include 1) lack of peer review, 2) potential for , 3) dissemination of misinformation, especially when dealing with charismatic taxa 4) the possibility of creating an apparent need for an exciting technology, 5) implications of sharing data, 6) potential for distraction and additional concerns added by exposure to media and public attention, and 7) overall gain to effort ratio. With the increased facility of commmunication, feedback from the implementation of NAAMP III Online will help guide the direction and media choice of future conferences.

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