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Monitoring Amphibians and Reptiles in the Maryland Biological Stream Survey

Mark T. Southerland, Paul Kazyak and Janis C. Chaillou

The Maryland Biological Stream Survey (MBSS) currently monitors amphibians and reptiles as a secondary component of its program. The sampling of amphibians and reptiles currently consists of recording the presence of each species observed during electroshocking a 75-m stream segment or during a 15 minute search of the riparian area within 5 meters of the stream. These results do not provide an estimate of abundance but do provide estimates of the number of stream miles in the state where each species occurred. Continued MBSS monitoring is planned that will provide trends information on changes in the extent of amphibian species. We solicit the advice of conference participants on how to better use the existing MBSS information on amphibians and reptiles, and how to modify our sampling methods to improve this component of the MBSS.

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