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Further Validation Tests of an Amphibian Call Count Survey Technique in Ontario, Canada

Leonard J. Shirose, Christine A. Bishop, Cameron J. MacDonald and Ronald J. Brooks

A previous study quantified the relationship between call counts and actual chorus size in Rana catesbeiana and Bufo Fowleri. The current study seeks to quantify the same relationship for Rana sylvatica and Bufo Americanus, and to investigate the relationship between call counts and estimated population size in Rana catesbeiana, Rana sylvatica and Bufo Americanus. Simultaneous intensive and extensive monitoring was performed on populations of Rana sylvatica at Long Point, Bufo Americanus at Long Point and Guelph, and Rana catesbeiana at Pelee Island, Lake St. Clair, Long Point and Jack Lake. Nightly auditory surveys were followed by intensive sampling of populations. The results of the auditory surveys were compared with the number of males captured in choruses (Rana sylvatica and Bufo Americanus) and estimates of population size generated from mark-recapture data (all three species).

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