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Anurans as Indicators of Wetland Condition in the Prairie Pothole Region

Dorothy G. Bowers1, David E. Andersen1,2, and Ned H. Euliss, Jr.3

A two-year EMAP pilot study was initiated in 1995 to 1) describe anuran relative abundance, species composition, and species distribution in selected study sites within the Prairie Pothole Region (PPR) of North Dakota; 2) determine a suitable road survey method(s) for estimating anuran relative abundance and describing anuran distribution; and 3) determine if relationships exist between anuran distribution and relative abundance and land-use patterns associated with the study site. The first year of the study was completed in 1995, and descriptive summaries of nightly calling intervals, calling seasons, and weather associations are presented. A combination of calling surveys and night driving surveys provided a more complete description of species distribution and species composition in study sites than either method used alone. Additionally, preliminary data analyses suggest that Bufo americanus, B. cognatus, and H. versicolor/ chrysoscelis distribution and occurrence may be associated with land-use patterns.

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