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Papers in this room pertain to Community and Regional Surveys. All accepted papers are also listed alphabetically by first author.

Community and Regional Surveys Papers:

Comparative Catch Efficiency of Sampling Techniques Used in Natural and Modified Terrestrial Habitats in Atlantic Canada.
Adams, J.D., D. Clay, and B. Freedman
Abstract | Paper

Recommendations for Monitoring Amphibians at Multiple Spatial Scales.
Dvornich, K.M. and K.R. McAllister
Abstract | Paper

Developing a Monitoring System for the Widespread British Amphibians.
Gibson, S.
Abstract | Paper

Dutch Amphibian Monitoring Program.
Groenveld, A., A. Zuiderwijk and G. Smit
Abstract | Paper

Funnel Trapping Larval Amphibians in Prairie Pothole Wetlands.
Johnson, E., S. Jones, T. Gunderson, K. Klang, and M. J. Lannoo
Abstract | Paper

Calling Surveys and Visual Searches of Anuran Species: Reliability in the Palouse Region of Northern Idaho.
Monello, R.J. and R.G. Wright
Abstract | Paper

Watershed Quality-- The Amphibian Story. A Decade of Review.
Nikolai, D.
Abstract | Paper

Amphibian Inventory and Monitoring in the Pacific Northwest (United States and Canada).
Olson, D.H., W.P. Leonard and R.B. Bury
Abstract | Paper

Survey of Iron County Reptiles and Amphibians
Strojny, C.A.
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