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Papers in this room pertain to new techniques and evaluations. All accepted papers are also listed alphabetically by first author.

New techniques and Evaluations Papers:

The Failure of PVC Pipe Traps to Capture Gray Treefrogs (Hyla versicolor) in Southern Michigan: A Preliminary Report.
Ball, J.C.
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Using Pipe Traps to Monitor Treefrog Populations: A Cautionary Tale.
Cline, G., J. Adams, E. Blackwell, and P. Rogers
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An Assessment of Cardboard as an Artificial Substrate for Sampling.
Fredericksen, T., W. Hoffman, B. Ross, B. Johnson, M. Lester, and J. Beyea
Abstract | Paper

A Test of the Suitability of Various Cover Objects for Monitoring Terrestrial Salamander Populations.
Monti, L.
Abstract | Paper

The Use of PVC Pipes to Capture Hylid Treefrogs.
Moulton, C.A., W.J. Fleming, and B.R. Nerney
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Conservation and Management Zones: Developing an Alternative Approach to Conservation and Management of Nongame Species.
Sredl, M.J.
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PVC Pipe Refugia: A Sampling Method for Studying Treefrogs.
O'Neill, E.D.
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Sampling Larval Amphibians by Bottletrap: Development of Activity Trap System.
Wik, D
Abstract | Paper

The Effect of Pond Stirring on Tadpoles
Yturralde, K., L. Weir, J. Hostetler, and J. Griffin
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