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North American Amphibian Monitoring Program

Survey Description

Interested in becoming a volunteer?

NAAMP volunteers contribute their time to help states and USGS to assess frog and toad population trends. Data are collected using a calling survey technique, in which volunteers identify local amphibian species by their unique breeding vocalizations or calls.

Volunteers must be willing to learn the survey protocols and how to identify frogs and toad by their calls. Some states require volunteers to attend a training session. Once volunteers have learned to identify frog and toad calls, they take the on-line Frog Quiz to document their frog call identification ability.

Each volunteer selects an available roadside route with 10 listening stops. The volunteer surveys the route several times per year, generally in the spring through summer. Surveys are conducted in the evening, starting ½ hour after sunset or later. Each survey takes approximately 1.5 hours to complete, plus travel time to the route location (which varies depending on how far the volunteer lives from the assigned route). At each of the 10 stops, the volunteer listens for 5 minutes, recording what species are heard and some environmental data. See the protocol description for more details.

Volunteers are asked to participate for at least 3 years. Volunteers need access to a computer with internet access and ability to play Real Media sound files in order to meet the quiz requirement (a Real Media player can be downloaded for free from the Real Media website). Volunteers may be asked to supply themselves with basic equipment, such as a thermometer to record air temperature. Also, volunteers need a licensed motorized vehicle and valid driver's license with the ability to drive at night (or commitment of a co-volunteer to drive). If you are under 18 years of age, check with your state coordinator on whether you may participate.

If you are interested in volunteering, please check to see if your state is participating and contact your state coordinator. You can also use the route availability map to see if any routes near you are currently unassigned.

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