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BIRDS OF NORTH AMERICA (BNA) is a prestigious series that describes the life history of birds that nest in the United States and Canada. Each issue number, called a profile, usually describes one species.  Most of the profiles are available to subscribers only, but recently species impacted by the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico have been made open access, free to all. Visit the News and Updates page to see the list of free profiles.

Links for two lists of the members of the series are posted below to be used for reference by anyone interested in the series.

The first is arranged by the issue number and includes the author names, title (common name of the bird), the scientific name, order, and family. Also included is the page reference for that species in the seventh edition of  THE A.O.U. CHECKLIST OF NORTH AMERICAN BIRDS , published by the American Ornithologists' Union in 1998. The CHECKLIST is available for free searching or free download from the AOU.

Since the CHECKLIST is arranged in taxonomic order, we have used the page number from this publication to arrange the second BNA list in taxonomic order.

The original printed series ended with No. 716, but new species are being published online. Those are included in the lists below. The list of revised and new species is available to all.

List including the issue number, author, year, title (common name of the bird), the scientific name, order, family, and number of pages

List in taxonomic order with CHECKLIST page #, order, family, genus and species, common name and BNA #

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Updated October 7, 2010

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