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Alan F. Poole 2019 Ospreys : the revival of a global raptor QL696.F36 P65 2019
volume editors: John B. French, Sarah J. Converse, Jane E. Austin 2019 Whooping cranes : biology and conservation QL696.G84 W482 2019
edited by Michel Robert, Marie-Hélène Hachey, Denis Lepage and Andrew R. Couturier 2019 Second atlas of the breeding birds of Southern Québec QL685.5.Q3 S42 2019
author, Spring Ligi, editor, Mary Ann Good 2019 Birds of Loudoun : a guide based on the 2009-2014 Loudoun County bird atlas QL684.V8 L53 2019
edited by Gerardo M.E. Perillo, Eric Wolanski, Donald R. Cahoon and Charles S. Hopkinson 2019 Coastal wetlands : an integrated ecosystem approach QH541.5.E8 C62 2019
Nico W. van den Brink, John E. Elliott, Richard F. Shore, Barnett A. Rattner 2018 Anticoagulant Rodenticides and Wildlife QH545.P4 A57 2018
Donald C. Plumb 2018 Plumb's veterinary drug handbook SF917 .P58 2018
Erik I. Johnson, Jared D. Wolfe 2018 Molt in Neotropical birds : life history and aging criteria QL697.4 .J64 2018
Darryl I. MacKenzie, James D. Nichols, J. Andrew Royle, Kenneth H. Pollock, Larissa L. Bailey, James E. Hines 2018 Occupancy Estimation and Modeling : Inferring Patterns and Dynamics of Species Occurrence QL752 .O22 2018
Jay M. Sheppard 2018 The biology of a desert apparition: LeConte's Thrasher QL696.P25 S53 2018