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Non-Staff Research Studies at Patuxent Research Refuge

Non-Staff Research Studies at Patuxent Research Refuge
Updated on March 1, 2004
Permit #
Expiration Date
Vehicle Description
Adamski, David USDA, Systematic Entomology Lab Survey, Microlepidoptera Insects of Patuxent River System CT 3347 10/31/04 Red Toyota Corolla Wagon
Baldwin, Andrew H. UMD Field Exercises for Wetland Ecology, Water Quality Methods, and Ecological Risk and Impact Assessment Classes CT (River Rd) & NT 3364 10/31/04 Red/White Ford Van Green Chevy S-10 Pickup Green Dodge Pickup Green Chevy Blazer
Caldas, Astrid UMD, Dept of Entomology Parasitoids of Lepidoptera Caterpillars NT & CT 3189 10/31/04 Red Dodge Pickup Blue Ford Pickup
Carroll, John F. USDA-BARC Human Exposure to Lyme Disease NT, CT, ST - Powerlines, Woods, & Residences 3351 06/31/04 Ford Bronco Chevy Van Other US Gov't (USDA)
Dorothy, Jeannine MD Dept of Agriculture Gambusia Fish Collection & Mosquito Sampling NT & CT - Patuxent River & Impoundments 3192 On-going Beige Chevy Pickup
Gordon, Robert D. Smithsonian Dung Beetle Fauna NT & CT - Patuxent River & River Rd 2999 On-going Black GMC Pickup
Kemper, John M. UMD, Dept of Entomology Parasitoid Sharing Among Insect Herbivores NT & CT 3365 12/31/04 Dark Blue Ford F-150 Pickup Red Chevy Astro Van
Lill, John T. George Washington University Shelter Building Caterpillars & Their Parasitoids on Beech and Oak CT - Patuxent River Bottom & ST NSR-CT-ST-0304 08/31/04 Unknown
MacLean, Donald R. Environmental Concern Wetland Education Program Development CT - Patuxent River & Impoundments 2515 On-going White Chevy Blazer Grey Ford Escort
Martin, Elwood M. MBMO/USFWS Patuxent Wildlife and Plant Monitoring, Bird Banding Refuge-wide 76-2508 On-going Blue Ford Escort (Station Wagon)
May, Michael L. Rutgers University, Dept of Entomology Migration Behavior of the Common Green Darner Dragonfly CT Impoundments NSR-CT-0303 11/30/04 Dark Blue VW Passat (Station Wagon)
Meigs, Sharon PG County Programs & Planning Division Reference Watershed to Test Effectiveness of New Stormwater Systems CT & ST NSR-02-3366 04/30/06 White Chevy Blazer
Orr, Richard L. USDA-APHIS Dragonfly Species Composition and Distribution Refuge-wide, Impoundments & Patuxent River 2508 03/31/04 Green Subaru Outback
Shelton, Daniel R. USDA-BARC Protozoan Cryptosporidium parvum Transport ST - Lysimeter Test Site 3355 01/01/04 Blue Honda Prelude
Siegel, Richard A. Walther, Tina Towson University, Dept of Biology Effects of Controlled Drawdowns on Aquatic Reptiles CT Impoundments NSR-03-3367 11/30/04 Unknown Unknown Toyota Camry
Solberg, Victoria B. Walter Reed Army Insitute of Research Field Testing of Trapping Techniques for Mosquitos, Ticks, and Sandflies CT NSR-CT-0302 08/31/04 Red Ford Taurus
Steiner, Warren E., Jr. Smithsonian Institution, Dept of Entomology Darkling Beetles, Rear Insect & Spider Inventory NT & ST - Forest Edges & Sandy Areas 3181 10/31/04 Tan Nissan Stanza Wagon
Weiner, Megan UMD, Dept of Geography Forested Wetlands/Synthetic Aperture Radar CT 01-3359 09/30/04 Green Honda Accord

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