Categories of North American plants

The variety of plants in the collection are categorized as follows:

Primitive species:
these include the alga, ferns, horsetails, clubmosses, spikemosses, and quillworts.

Woody plants:
plants that have one or more permanent stems above ground and remain above ground throughout the winter. The stems and branches have a woody core that supports the structure of the plant. They include shrubs, bushes, and trees.

Sedges and Rushes:
grasslike plants, sedges usually have triangular solid stems, pointed leaves, and flowers borne in spikelets; rushes usually have round stems, linear leaves and inconspicuous flowers.
plants in the family Poaceae, they have narrow leaves, small inconspicuous flowers, and hollow stems with joints where the leaves attach.

characterized by their usually broad leaves, these flowering plants have green non-woody stems and many live for only one or two years.

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