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Database Access

The Colonial Waterbird Monitoring Database is moving to USFWS Division of Migratory Bird Management as of late 2011. New data entry, or access to existing data contents, will be provided by that office. There may be some down-time during this transition - we appreciate your patience in this matter. There is not yet a forwarding web address for that system. For information about the database or data, please contact Jennifer Wheeler or Mark Wimer.

BACKGROUND: This database is made possible by the participation of monitoring partners throughout the Americas, who conduct surveys of waterbirds and voluntarily contribute their data to this centralized location. This database contains data from the coastal surveys conducted in the mid 1990s from Maine to Georgia, funded by the US Fish and Wildlife Service, in addition to information published in a number of colonial waterbird atlases in the United States and Canada. In addition, data from the Cornell Waterbird Register and some of the US Fish and Wildlife Service-sponsored Great Lakes waterbird surveys have also been captured. We encourage you to join forces and enhance our ability to track waterbird populations throughout their ranges by contributing your own data.

Looking for data? Currently there is no data retrieval capability for this database. See above.

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