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Lesson 5 Components
I. Presentation 5: The Story of Santa Catalina Island View description Download files
II. Activity 5: Santa Catalina Island Restoration Project View description Download files
Download introduction, outline, glossary, and bibliography for entire unit (all 5 lessons)
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I. Presentation 5: The Story of Santa Catalina Island
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Explains how Montrose Chemical Corporation disposed of hundreds of tons of DDT in Los Angeles that eventually led into the Pacific Ocean.
Describes how scientific data was used to discover the DDT and used by the federal government and the State of California to bring a lawsuit against Montrose Chemical Corporation and others.
Prepares students to graph the osprey and bald eagle data.
Students apply information from lessons 1 through 4 to understand how researchers followed clues to bring about a lawsuit.
Using Santa Catalina Island as a case study, students learn about why using unbiased data is absolutely essential.
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II. Activity 5: Santa Catalina Island
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Students read about actual restoration projects that have been proposed for Santa Catalina Island area.  
Students evaluate Santa Catalina Island restoration projects using information given in the restoration background information sheets and lesson notes.  
Students gain knowledge about the restoration work scientist are doing to restore the natural resources that were harmed by the DDT discharges.  
Students lean about the difficulty in restoring animal habitat after it has been damaged.  
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TeacherManual5” (if not downloaded previously)
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