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Rank the suitability of terrestrial vertebrate species as potential sentinels of exposure to contaminants
Rank susceptibility of populations upon exposure to contaminants
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  1. For the index of choice, select and enter the name of a species found in your study area.  

Answer each question about the selected species to the best of your knowledge, as it relates to your study area and the season in which you intend to perform the monitoring.

>> When necessary, use the links provided to obtain more information about your species.
  3. Click the “calculate” button to display your index score.
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>> Remember, the score itself has no inherent meaning as results for any one species will change among study areas, seasons, and investigators. The program is designed to rank two or more species when compared under similar conditions.
  4. Reset the form and return to the top by clicking “clear all inputs”.  
  5. Repeat for one or more species. The program will automatically list the score of each species, and rank them in numerical order.  

See documentation for further description of indices, calculation of index scores, and specific point values for each element.

For more information on these indices, and interspecific contaminant exposure and sensitivity in terrestrial vertebrates, see:
Golden, N.H. and B.A. Rattner. 2003. Ranking terrestrial vertebrate species for utility in biomonitoring and vulnerability to environmental contaminants. Reviews in Environmental Contamination and Toxicology. 176:67-136. (Feel free to contact us to request a copy)

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