December 14, 2010

Dear Bird Phenology Participants,

Last month we sent out an online satisfaction survey to all participants and subscribers of the BPP mailing list asking for feedback about your experience with us. One hundred and thirty-one of you responded and told us what you liked, what you didn't like, and made suggestions as to how we can better your participation with us. Thank you to all of those who took the time to do this. It helps us better understand where we need to focus future efforts.

The majority of those who filled out the survey visit the BPP website primarily to use the Transcription page. Over half of those who replied transcribe between 2 and 5 times per week. The majority of our transcribers have been participating for more than 5 months, which shows the high level of dedicated participants. Most of our transcribers found out about the BPP from news releases, conservation websites, and birding listservs. Our transcribers listed program importance and love of nature as the main factors behind their dedication.

We strive to keep you informed and feel a part of what we are trying to accomplish and the results of this survey show that you appreciate the amount of feedback and enjoy your experience. The website and transcription pages are rated very highly amongst our users. The last two questions asked about how the BPP can improve. Instead of listing all of the comments, only those that were recurring are listed below. Some of these suggestions have already been addressed and others are being considered.

The overall positive feedback from the survey showed that most of you are pleased with how the program is being managed. There were very few who expressed displeasure with the transcription page or other facets of the program. We are taking into consideration all the suggestions made and will make changes where possible.

Thank you,

Jessica Zelt

Program Coordinator


1. On your last visit, what was our primary reason for visiting our website?

2. How satisfied are you with our website?

3. How did you learn of our website? Select all that apply.

4. How often do you use the trancription wenbpage?

5. What inspires you to volunteer?

6. Do you like the level of feedback you get from the program? (Newsletters, e-mails, progress on data iniut and research)

7. Please rate the following attributes of our website.

8. How would you rate your experience with the BPP?

9. Do you feel you are a valued participant of the BPP?

10. How long have you been transcribing?

11. Do you plan to increase/decrease your volunteer time?

12. Would you like to see additional fields or functions added/subtracted to the transcription page to enhance your experience?

  • Add additional fields to transcribe cards with multiple dates.
  • Link transcription tally between V2 and V3 data entry pages to track user progress.
  • Allow users to consult other pages while not navigating away from the Transcription page.

13. Do you have any suggestion for improvement?

  • Allow transcribers to go back to a previously trancribed card if accidentally submitted
  • On the species scanned webpage show the number of cards transcribed for each species not just scanned
  • Have examples of properly transcribed "difficult" cards on the transcription page.
  • Add a forum where transcribers can talk to each other.
  • Update FAQ to have a quick link at top.


If you have any questions please contact us at bpp@usgs.gov