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As volunteers sort, scan and transcribe the migration cards, many interesting, funny, and just plain odd cards have been seen. Here are a few of those cards that have been sent in from volunteers around the world.

H. Lacey. Screech Owl. Submitted by Jessica Zelt

Lacey Migration Card 1

Lacey Migration Card 2

Lacey Migration Card 3

Walter P. Taylor. Red-tailed Hawk. Submitted by Judy Reynolds.

Walter P. Taylor Card 1

John Williams Card. Great-crested Flycatcher. Submitted by Judy Reynolds.

John Williams Card 1

F. M. Bailey. Ruby-throated Hummingbird. Submitted by Judy Reynolds.

F.M. Bailey Card 1

E.A. Goldman. Burrowing Owl. Submitted by Judy Reynolds.

E.A. Goldman Card 1

Harry C. Oberholser. Semipalmated Sandpiper. Submitted by Bob Hartman.

Oberholser semipalmated sandpiper

Bailey. Black crowned Night Heron. Submitted by Anne Bruggeman.

Night Heron

California Fish & Game. Passenger Pigeon. Submitted by Jessica Zelt.

Passenger Pigeon

California Fish & Game. Passenger Pigeon. Submitted by Brandon Kell.

Passenger Pigeon

F.V Hebard. Turkey Vulture. Submitted by Anne Bruggeman.

Turkey Vulture

James H. Gaut. Red-tailed Hawk. Submitted by Anne Bruggeman.

Redtailed Hawk

J.S Linebaugh. Green Herron. Submitted by Judy Reynolds.

Green Heron Local common name

A.H Twitchell. Canada Goose. Submitted by Anne Bruggeman.

Canada goose/eagle

Elizabeth Gilliland. Flicker. Submitted by Judy Reynolds.


Cordelia Stanwood. Hair Woodpecker. Submitted by Jane Gillette.

Hair Woodpecker

H.B. Ives. Passenger Pigeon. Submitted by Stella Walsh.

Passenger Pigeon

Hodge to President Roosevelt. Passenger Pigeon. Submitted by Stella Walsh.

Passenger Pigeon

A.H. Howell. Black-chinned Hummingbird. Submitted by Judy Reynolds.


M. Cary. Golden Eagle. Submitted by Judy Reynolds.

Golden Eagle Migration Card

M. Cary. Nuthatch. Submitted by Judy Reynolds.

Nuthatch Migration Card

O.J. Murie. Sparrow. Submitted by Judy Reynolds.

Sparrow Migration Card

C.Hart Merriam. Golden-crowned Sparrow. Submitted by Brandi Lechleiter

Golden-crowned Sparrow

James H. Gaut. Glaucous-winged Gull. Submitted by Brandi Lechleiter

Galucous-winged Gull

R.T. Young. Yellow-headed Blackbird. Submitted by Judy Reynolds.

C.H. Merriam. Brewer's Blackbird. Submitted by Anne Brueggemann.

Brewer's Blackbird

G.M. Andrew's Criminal Saw-Whet Owl. Submitted by Judy Reynolds.

Andrew's Criminal Saw-Whet Owl

E.R.P. Janvrin's Black-bellied Plover. Submitted by Judy Reynolds.

Janvrin's Black-bellied Plover

V. Bailey's Sage Grouse. Submitted by Janice Hale.

Bailey's Sage Grouse

Ventrioquist Shrike. Submitted by Judy Reynolds.

G.H. Grey's Riding Wrens. Submitted by Judy Reynolds.

Grey's Riding Wren

C.H. Merriam Squeaks. Submitted by Petrina Vecchio.

C.H. Merriam Squeaks

A.S. Reynolds: Plenty of flies. Submitted by Judy Reynolds.

Plenty of flies

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