BPP E-Newsletter JULY 2009

Current Migration Card Count:

• 1,469 online volunteers
• 132,387 cards transcribed online
• 15 office volunteers
• 351,562 cards scanned in the office


  • The Data Entry Login Beta v2 has changed and now has a feature where you can narrow down the cards you transcribe by species or location. The Data Entry Login will still hold the original version.
  • I would like to highlight some of the online participants on the Featured Photos page of the website. Please email me a picture of yourself transcribing from your home computer, couch, office or wherever! Include your name and location in the email.
  • The BPP website is being revamped! If you have any suggestions or additional information you would like to find on the website- please email me.
  • The FAQ sheet has once again been updated.
  • We are still in need of office volunteers who can come in and scan migration cards. If you are in the Baltimore/Washington D.C. area- come on in!
  • Check out ABC News in Washington DC and San Francisco- ABC 7 News: Washington DC, ABC 7 News San Francisco
  • The BPP will be appearing in Audubon Magazine in the September/October Issue. Pick up a copy!
  • Online Participants- remember to mouse over the stats bars on the transcription screen to get the card count!
BPP Database and Interface

The BPP is continuing to make changes to the database interface which online volunteers use during the data entry process. Participants are now able to choose which species or location they would like to transcribe.

Also, for those of you who have gotten the error message, "Your session has expired. Please log-in again" while trying to login to start a new session, we have worked on this issue and believe it is resolved. Please email me if you continue to get the message or have trouble logging in. Thanks!


Thank you to all of the office volunteers who have been working so diligently to scan migration cards and keep up with our online participants- they're all doing a fantastic job!

Petrina Vecchio has recently transcribed over 20,000 cards for the BPP! A tremendous effort on her part and many thanks for her participation!



P.A. Taverner was born Percy Algernon Fowler in Guelph, Ontario in 1875. After his parents separated and his mother remarried, he took on his mother’s second husband’s surname. Taverner, a self-taught naturalist, was the first ornithologist at the National Museum of Canada, now the Canadian Museum of Nature, from 1912 to 1942. He also helped to establish the Point Pelee National Park and a number of bird sanctuaries across Canada, including Bonaventure Island.                

Taverner first earned a living as an architectural draughtsman while studying birds in his spare time. In 1911 he was appointed ornithologist at the National Museum of Canada, where he worked for 30 years, developing a unique system of distributional maps linked to card indexes on individual species containing up-to-date information on bird distribution in Canada. During his life he also published several books, Birds of Eastern Canada (1919), Birds of Western Canada (1926) and Birds of Canada (1934). Notably, the Taverner Cup, a 24 hour competitive birdathon in eastern Ontario was named after him. The Timblerline sparrow, a subspecies of the Brewer’s Sparrow, and a subspecies of Canada Goose were named taverneri in his honor. He died in Ottawa in 1947.


To learn more about P.A. Taverner, please visit:

Canadian Encyclopedia, Wikipedia



P.A. Taverner

Photo courtesy of: elibrary