BPP • E-Newsletter • November 2008

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Understanding global climate change and how it is affecting bird
populations across North America



The North American Bird Phenology Program (BPP) has been working hard this past month to complete the online data entry system. We have now completed the database and transcription screen, with the help of our computer programmer, Kevin Laurent, and will be submitting it for approval to put it on our website this week. We are hoping that this will be a short process and we will be able to send out an email soon telling you to start transcribing! Once the online data entry system becomes live, the BPP will be relying on volunteers worldwide to go onto the BPP website, and convert these pdf files of the migration cards into the database. So please stay posted!
Eric Turner who is helping the BPP with the online data entry system (on a volunteer basis!) has created several graphs and charts to track individual participation and count the amount of cards transcribed. These images will be viewed both on an individual's login homepage and on the main website (Data and Stats page) and will become viewable as soon as the rest of the system goes live. We cannot thank Eric enough for his help with this portion of the program and think all of the participants will have a lot of fun tracking their progress!
Our incredibly dedicated office volunteers have also continued scanning migration cards. To date we have approximately 85,000 records of Turkey Vultures, American Crows, Cedar Waxwing, California Condor, and many other species scanned. To see a full list of the species scanned thus far, please visit: http://www.pwrc.usgs.gov/bpp/DataEntryLogin.cfm. Thank you to all the volunteers for their continual hard work in getting these cards ready for the website!


Jessica Zelt
Program Coordinator