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To all,

It was very painful to see all of you folks out there crawling, netting, trapping, listening, wading, and walking through the Kenilworth areas and not be able to be out there with yawl. I kind of missed out on all the fun and the free

time to observe the various techniques being used throughout the day and night. Oh well, I guess someone had to do the

organizational/coordingation thing. I'll be able to participate next time or the time after (whenever the Blitz moves on to other areas). I guess that still needs to be decided. We (Sam and I) are waiting to hear your comments on the idea of having another one at Kenilworth, possibly late summer/fall or do we move on to another site. It would be nice to compare early June with say early September. Comments please!

I was very pleased, as was other park staff members, with the turnout for the first annual Bio-Blitz. When all was said and done the final tally of participants was app. 100. I was hopeful but not convinced it would turnout as well as it did. Although the planning and preperation

before the event did set me back a months' worth of other resource management repsonsibilities I've managed to catch up over the past few weeks.

The data collected, albeit limited to one 24 hour period, is invaluable and will go a long way in the further development of our database for the Kenilworth Park and Aquatic Gardens. A lot of people took time off from their busy schedules with families and work, some drove long distances, others put alot of time into the Blitz. Thanks to all of you for making the 24 hour Blitz a success.

Don't forget to get your lists into Sam or Dan by July 1st so we can keep on schedule for the distribution of the information.

I thought the article in the Washington Post was very well done. Thanks Dee and Jim. If you did not see it and would like a copy of it let me know and I can send you a hard copy. Just supply your mailing address when you email me back your request.

dan roddy

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