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I don't know what was done to publicise this one, so my suggestions may
 be redundant.  However, I suggest developing a list of all naturalists
 in the area who seem able to participate.  Flyers should go to all 
nature centers, biology departments at college and graduate levels,
 local state and federal governmental agencies in the area concerned 
with biology, ecology, resource management, and related fields.  If any 
private non- or for- profit organizations exist with interests in these
 fields, they should be included. If possible, these flyers should be
 addressed to a specific contact person at the facility, with a request
 that this person recruit others.  A flyer should go out about six 
months before the date, so people can get it on their calendars.
  Another should go out about six weeks before, so they can finalize
 their plans.

Other places to put this notice include any professional newsletters 
available, as well as employee newsletters of the organizations on your 
list.  Web pages for these organizations are useful too, but hard copy 
still reaches the most people.

I also suggest having a volunteer coordinator who is familiar with the 
site and with the processes of identification, but who has no other 
responsibilities than to work with the volunteers.  That is an art in 

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