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The BioBlitz approach is illustrated at this web site using the data, reports, and accounts taken during the 24-hour BioBlitz expedition to Kenilworth Park and Aquatic Gardens National Park hard upon the banks of the Anacostia River at the heart of the urban wilderness of Washington D.C. (May 31 - June 1, 1996). The name and concept of the BioBlitz is not registered, not copyrighted, not trademarked, and not a government thing. Its just an idea that can be used, adapted, and modified by any group, who should freely use the name BioBlitz for their own purposes.

THE IDEA. Organize the natural history talents of the top scientists and naturalists living within urban centers to document the biodiversity present at their backdoor.

JUSTIFICATION. The allure of the pristine, the remote, the tropical has linked natural history discovery with exotic locales, far-off from our homes and lives, and forever on the frontier. But, not so! The distribution, occurrence, and patterns of plants and animals is nowhere on this planet completely documented.

The Bio-Blitz is an initial step toward closing that gap. Informal in methodology and organization, it can be molded by the sponsoring group to fit the circumstances and talent pool of the region.

THE PROCESS. Count as many species from as many taxonomic groups as possible in a 24-hour time period. The details of when, where, and how are forged to fit the local situation. See the write-up about the Kenilworth Bio-Blitz and the comments and suggestions made by participants. We encourage others who put together a blitz to add their comments also. These will act to guide future blitzes.

WHAT A BIO-BLITZ CAN DO FOR YOUR PARK OR REGION. Below are listed a number of the benefits accrued to the participants, the blitz site, participating organizations, and the critters being blitzed.


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But nature is a stranger yet;
The ones that cite her most
Have never passed her haunted house,
Nor simplified her ghost.

To pity those that know her not
Is helped by the regret
That those who know her, know her less
The nearer her they get.

--Emily Dickinson 

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