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When to Run Routes: Weather
Bird on good weather BBS routes must be sampled under satisfactory weather conditions. Record the weather conditions at the beginning and end of the route. It is also helpful if significant weather events and where they occur along the route are also noted on the data sheets.
  • Avoid days when fog or smoke may impair visibility.
  • Avoid sampling routes when wind is blowing at velocities > 12 mph (> 19 Kph; Beaufort Scale 3). In prairie regions where windless days are uncommon, avoid sampling routes when wind velocities are > 18 mph (< 29 Kph; Beaufort Scale 4).
  • Avoid rainy days. Days with no precipitation are best. However, an occasional light drizzle or very brief shower may not affect bird activity but steady drizzle and prolonged showers should be avoided.
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