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Limitations On Use Of Banding Data

Bird Banding data maintained in the computer files have been gathered at a significant cost to the many persons and agencies who cooperate in the North American Bird Banding Program. These cooperators have certain proprietary interests in the data they produce. The person who first bands a bird has prior publication rights to any data resulting from that banding and/or the subsequent encounter of that band. Information may be withheld where endangered or threatened or sensitive species are involved.

Obtain Permission from Banders Before Using Their Data for Publication. Banders have a prior right to analysis and publication of data resulting from their banding efforts. To protect their interests, a "Policy on Release" is included with each request, describing current limiting criteria.

Exceptions to the above limitations will be made where data are required by federal, state or provincial governments for management or administrative purposes.

Data are provided exclusively for the purpose described in the data request. Data are not to be used for any other purpose or made available to other persons without receiving prior clearance from the Chief, Bird Banding Laboratory, or from the Director General, Canadian Wildlife Service, or their authorized representatives.

Requests for Verification of Data

Before publishing a manuscript based on data received or retrieved from the BBL, attention should be paid to what appear to be unusual records. Very often, if a record appears too amazing to be true, it is not! Publishing what is later found to be an erroneous record puts it into a permanent and difficult-to-erase position that can haunt ornithological literature for decades.

Please notify the BBL with the band number(s) if you are doubtful about any record(s) in a set of data you have received.

All encounter records are filtered through many quality control measures, but before analyzing or publishing their data, banders should be aware that data on "Report-to-bander" listings may be still be erroneous. Any suspicious data should be reported to the BBL whether it is to be used or not. The BBL will try to locate and examine the source documents for verification and, if appropriate, correction.

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