Band Type Codes

Several years ago, the Bird Banding Laboratory revised the band size specifications and added several new band sizes. At that time the Avise Bird Band Washington DC address on the band legend was replaced with the more complete Write Bird Band Laurel MD 20708 with the hope that a better address would result in more encounters being reported. The Bird Banding Laboratory is now using a toll-free telephone number (1-800-327-BAND) in the legend on the larger band sizes and have been successful in getting some smaller bands in a harder metal alloy. These changes necessitated additional type codes and the system previously used was no longer sufficient. NOTE: The presence of a type code on the list does not indicate that bands are available in that type or that any bands have ever been made of that type.


00 unknown\unknown
01 aluminum\butt-end toll free
02 aluminum\lock-on toll free
03 aluminum\tall toll free
04 aluminum\butt-end new address
05 aluminum\lock-on new address
06 aluminum\rivet toll free
07 aluminum\short toll free
08 aluminum\pre-open toll free
09 aluminum\short new address
10 aluminum\rivet new address
11 aluminum\butt end
12 aluminum\lock-on
13 aluminum\tall
14 aluminum\wrap around
15 aluminum\flipper
16 aluminum\rivet
17 aluminum\short
18 aluminum\pre-open
19 aluminum\tall new address
20 aluminum\pre-open new address
21 monel\butt end
22 monel\lock-on
23 monel\butt-end toll free
24 monel\lock-on toll free
28 monel\pre-open
29 monel\pre-open toll free
31 titanium\butt end
41 aluminum\butt-end (web address)
42 aluminum\lock-on (web address)
46 aluminum\rivet (web address)
47 aluminum\short (web address)
49 incoloy or Stainless\new address
50 incoloy or Stainless\butt-end new address
51 incoloy or Stainless\butt-end
52 incoloy or Stainless\lock-on
53 incoloy or Stainless\butt-end toll free
54 incoloy or Stainless\lock-on toll free
55 incoloy or Stainless\flipper
56 incoloy or Stainless\rivet
57 incoloy or Stainless\rivet toll free
58 incoloy or Stainless\triangular toll free
59 incoloy or Stainless\triangular
60 bimetallic\no address
61 bimetallic\butt end
62 bimetallic\lock-on
63 bimetallic\tall
64 incoloy or Stainless\triangular new address
66 bimetallic\rivet
67 bimetallic\short
68 bimetallic\pre-open
71 bimetallic\butt end toll free
72 bimetallic\lock-on toll free
73 bimetallic\tall toll free
76 bimetallic\rivet toll free
77 bimetallic\short toll free
78 bimetallic\pre-open toll free
81 stainless steel (web address)
82 incoloy (web address)
83 Flat-Locking Tab (hard metal)
91 misc\butt end
92 Frigate\Parrot band\no address
93 Aluminum Plasticine-filled Duckling Band\toll-free
94 aluminum\butt-end Bowie address
95 plastic glue\butt-end raptor band (non-conductive)
98 Banding Mortality (No band manufactured)
99 No band manufactured (e.g. vulture bands)
S3 stainless-steel rivet web-address
W0 Incoloy\triangular web address
W1 Aluminum butt-end web address
W2 Aluminum lock-on web address
W3 Aluminum Rivet web address
W4 Aluminum Short web address
W5 Stainless Steel butt-end web address
W6 Incoloy butt-end web address
W7 Flat Locking Tab stainless steel web address
W8 Pre-opened stainless-steel web-address
W9 Pre-opened incoloy web-address
WP Aluminum Plasticine-filled Duckling Band\web address

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