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Reporting Recaptures

The Bird Banding Permit does not require the submission of recaptures to the BBL. However, any bird recaptured with a band that was not issued to the permittee (foreign recaptures) should be reported to the BBL via Alternatively, versions of Bandit 3.0 or higher can be used to report foreign recaptures.

Versions of Bandit 3.0 and higher were developed to be properly formatted to allow banders to maintain their recapture data in Bandit. Quality control features were also improved to assist banders in identifying any potentially erroneous data, though they are only effective if the associated banding data are included in the bands table.

Versions of Bandit 3.0 and higher may also be used to report recaptures of birds whose status was changed, remembering that permission is required to do anything to a previously-banded bird that results in a change to the status.

The BBL Oracle database is now equipped to load certain recaptures from Bandit 3.0 or higher, though as of spring 2011, records with a how obtained 89 or 99 (recaptures in the same or different 10 minute block of banding) or 29 (resightings), are being filtered and stored for uploading when the database is fully functional. Banders are encouraged to submit their recapture data via Bandit to be later stored in the BBL database.