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How to Order Bands

In the U.S., Master banders can order bands or other banding supplies from the Bird Banding Laboratory. Orders are also acceptable by FAX to 301-497-5717, by using the online order form or in Canada, use "Request for bird banding supplies" (form 061-1653). Bands are not available to the general public or to subpermittees.

Orders for unusual band sizes and types (e.g. Murre bands, vulture bands hummingbird bands) should include a statement of need or reference to authorizations previously obtained from the Bird Banding Offices in the comment field.

Bands will be shipped to the address name on the bander's permit unless otherwise indicated in the "Comments" section of the order form. Your permit number must be included on the order. Bands should be ordered to last the duration of a banding project or 12 months, whichever is less.

Except under unusual circumstances, the minimum orders of bands of various types and sizes are as follows

NOTE: On large orders we will check our database to determine the number of bands of the ordered size you have outstanding. We will question your order if our records indicate that you have too many. So please be certain of your inventory before ordering.

Bands are mailed within 10 working days from the time that orders are received in Canada, or within one or two days of receipt of the order in the United States. To prevent delays, please allow AT LEAST 30 DAYS for filling an order. If bands are needed by a specific date, indicate this on the band order in the comments section. The Bird Banding Offices provide only metal Service bands. Pliers and other materials must be obtained from other suppliers. A suppliers list is available upon request from the Bird Banding Laboratory.

Bands are shipped via first class mail within the US. Small shipments of bands outside the contiguous 48 states are via airmail.


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