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Permit Limitations

The authorized bird marking and salvage activities are limited to those described in the permit and any supplements. Further limitations may be imposed by the natural resource agency of the state(s) or province(s) within which a bander will be working. Exceeding the authorizations contained in the permit is grounds for the suspension or revocation of a permit.

Permission should be obtained from private landowners or administrators of any public land upon which banders wish to band birds. In the U.S., all banding sites should be posted with an identification poster available from the appropriate Banding Office.

Activities not authorized by a Federal Bird Marking and Salvage Permit or a Canadian Scientific Permit to Capture and Band Migratory Birds are listed below:

To obtain permits for some of the activities listed above, the bander should apply to the appropriate USFWS special agent-in-charge or CWS regional director.