Hunting Seasons Survived Code

This code is used in encounter data to indicate the number of hunting seasons experienced by a game bird after it was banded. Although the number of seasons may be roughly equivalent to the age of the bird in years if it was banded as an HY or L, one cannot assume that they are equal. For example, a bird banded in October 1988 and shot in October 1989 would have experienced (but not necessarily survived) two hunting seasons.

The hunting season survived (HSS) code is calculated as follows:

Minimum Age at Encounter

This field is calculated to determine the minimum age of a bird in years and months at time of encounter based on the difference between the date and age it was banded and the date it was encountered. The decimal value translates to years and months (e.g. 12.25 = 12 years 3 months).

The latest hatch month is assumed to be June unless indicated otherwise below and the hatching year is calculated as follows: