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Michigan 1983-1988

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Michigan Breeding Bird Atlas 1983-1988
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see also:   Michigan 2002-2008

About this project in BBA Explorer
Data were kindly provided by Ray Adams and Mark Miller of the Kalamazoo Nature Center in fall 2004.
Results should be cited as:
Breeding Bird Atlas Explorer (online resource). 2018. U.S. Geological Survey Patuxent Wildlife Research Center. <Date of access>. Data extracted from: Brewer, Richard, Gail A. McPeek, and Raymond J. Adams, Jr. 1991. The Atlas of Breeding Birds of Michigan. East Lansing, MI: Michigan State University Press. 594pp.
Use Policy
Any use of these data should be accompanied by the proper citation as shown above. For questions or to use large portions of the dataset, please contact Raymond J. Adams at
Sponsorship for this project was provided by Michigan Nongame Wildlife Fund, Michigan Audubon Society, Kalamazoo Nature Center, and Detroit Audubon Society.
Treatment of the received dataset

We imported the received dataset with modifications as follows to better combine with other atlases or to match publication cited above:

  • Included four species (Chukar, Monk Parakeet, Hybrid Mallard, and Brewster's Warbler), which were confirmed but not mapped in the published atlas.

Second atlas: Michigan 2002-2008
The currently displayed project is a first breeding bird atlas. For information about the second ("follow-up") atlas, see Michigan 2002-2008.
Contact Information
Raymond Adams at e-mail:; phone: 269-381-9738; or fax: 269-381-1228
U.S. Department of the Interior || U.S. Geological Survey || Patuxent Wildlife Research Center  Laurel, MD, USA 20708-4038
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