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Solano Co. (CA) 2004-2010 (published!)

Common Species Lists

Common Species
Common Name Bad Code(s)
 Generally expected.
  Canada Goose (B)
  Wood Duck (B)
  Gadwall (B)
  Mallard (B)
  Blue-winged Teal (B)
  Cinnamon Teal (B)
  Northern Shoveler (B)
  Northern Pintail (B)
  Green-winged Teal (B)
  Ruddy Duck (B)
  Ring-necked Pheasant (B)
  Wild Turkey (B)
  Mountain Quail (B)
  California Quail (B)
  Pied-billed Grebe (B)
  Double-crested Cormorant (B)
  American Bittern (B)
  Great Blue Heron (B)
  Great Egret (B)
  Snowy Egret (B)
  Green Heron (B)
  Black-crowned Night-Heron (B)
  Turkey Vulture (B)
  Osprey (B)
  White-tailed Kite (B)
  Northern Harrier (B)
  Cooper's Hawk (B)
  Red-shouldered Hawk (B)
  Red-tailed Hawk (B)
  Golden Eagle (B)
  American Kestrel (B)
  Peregrine Falcon (B)
  Black Rail (B)
  Clapper Rail (B)
  Virginia Rail (B)
  Sora (B)
  Common Gallinule (B)
  American Coot (B)
  Killdeer (B)
  Black-necked Stilt (B)
  American Avocet (B)
  Spotted Sandpiper (B)
  Western Gull (B)
  Caspian Tern (B)
  Forster's Tern (B)
  Rock Pigeon (B)
  Band-tailed Pigeon (B)
  Mourning Dove (B)
  Barn Owl (B)
  Western Screech-Owl (B)
  Great Horned Owl (B)
  Northern Pygmy-Owl (B)
  Short-eared Owl (B)
  Common Poorwill (B)
  White-throated Swift (B)
  Anna's Hummingbird (B)
  Allen's Hummingbird (B)
  Belted Kingfisher (B)
  Acorn Woodpecker (NB),(CN)
  Nuttall's Woodpecker (NB),(CN)
  Downy Woodpecker (NB),(CN)
  Hairy Woodpecker (NB),(CN)
  (unid. Red/Yellow Shafted) Northern Flicker (NB),(CN)
  Western Wood-Pewee (B)
  Pacific-slope Flycatcher (B)
  Black Phoebe (B)
  Ash-throated Flycatcher (B)
  Western Kingbird (B)
  Loggerhead Shrike (B)
  Cassin's Vireo (B)
  Hutton's Vireo (B)
  Warbling Vireo (B)
  Steller's Jay (B)
  Western Scrub-Jay (B)
  Yellow-billed Magpie (B)
  American Crow (B)
  Common Raven (B)
  Horned Lark (B)
  Tree Swallow (B)
  Violet-green Swallow (B)
  Northern Rough-winged Swallow (B)
  Cliff Swallow (B)
  Barn Swallow (B)
  Chestnut-backed Chickadee (B)
  Oak Titmouse (B)
  Bushtit (B)
  White-breasted Nuthatch (B)
  Brown Creeper (B)
  Rock Wren ()
  Canyon Wren ()
  Bewick's Wren ()
  House Wren (NB)
  Marsh Wren (NB)
  Blue-gray Gnatcatcher (B)
  Western Bluebird (B)
  American Robin (B)
  Wrentit (B)
  Northern Mockingbird (B)
  California Thrasher (B)
  European Starling (B)
  Phainopepla (B)
  Orange-crowned Warbler (B)
  Yellow Warbler (B)
  Black-throated Gray Warbler (B)
  Common Yellowthroat (B)
  Yellow-breasted Chat (B)
  Western Tanager (B)
  Spotted Towhee (B)
  California Towhee (B)
  Rufous-crowned Sparrow (B)
  Chipping Sparrow (B)
  Black-chinned Sparrow (B)
  Lark Sparrow (B)
  Sage Sparrow (B)
  Savannah Sparrow (B)
  Grasshopper Sparrow (B)
  Song Sparrow (M.m.maxillaris) (B)
  Song Sparrow (M.m.samuelis) (B)
  Song Sparrow (M.m.gouldii) (B)
  (unid. race) Dark-eyed Junco (B)
  Black-headed Grosbeak (B)
  Blue Grosbeak (B)
  Lazuli Bunting (B)
  Red-winged Blackbird (B)
  Tricolored Blackbird (B)
  Western Meadowlark (B)
  Brewer's Blackbird (B)
  Brown-headed Cowbird (B),(NB),(ON)
  Hooded Oriole (B)
  Bullock's Oriole (B)
  Purple Finch (B)
  House Finch (B)
  Lesser Goldfinch (B)
  Lawrence's Goldfinch (B)
  American Goldfinch (B)
  House Sparrow (B)
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