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About Breeding Bird Atlas Species Maps
About BBA Species Maps
About the Data
The atlases used in the map are of various ages, for more information see the atlas list on the homepage. For a visual reference, check out the atlas age view map from our map gallery! These data are based on published atlases only. View current atlas projects for results and maps with more recent data. The breeding evidence is currently displayed using atlas quads, which are an aggregate of atlas survey blocks. The atlas survey blocks and quads (or topos) vary by project. For more information view each atlas page. The data layers are projected in US National Atlas Equal Area (Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area).
The map presentation was adapted from the National Amphibian Atlas created by Kevin Laurent and Linda Weir. Mark Wimer, Allison Sussman and Jessica Sushinsky provided insight and feedback while testing the application. Please see the Credits page to learn who made this map possible.
Suggested Citation
Breeding Bird Atlas Species Maps (online resource). 2018. U.S. Geological Survey Patuxent Wildlife Research Center. <Date of access>.
Please see each atlas page for information about individual atlas datasets.
Help us improve the map
Suggestions, comments and questions are always welcome. Please fill out the form on the Feedback page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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