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For Breeding Bird Atlases in the U.S. & Canada

image of ruby-crowned kinglets by Kalen (NM)
Managed Atlas Projects
Solano Co. (CA) 2004-2010 (Published)
Sonoma Co. (CA) 2011-2016
Yolo Co. (CA) 2008-2014
Delaware 2008-2012
Florida 2011-2016
Indiana 2005-2011
Massachusetts 2007-2011 (published!)
Maryland & DC 2002-2006 (published!)
Mecklenburg Co. (NC) 2011-2014
New Mexico 2000-2011
Loudoun Co. (VA) 2009-2013
Vermont 2003-2007 (published!)
Mapping BBA Results
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Kalen Malueg painting of a warbling vireo
   vireo & kinglet art by ©Kalen Malueg, New Mexico BBA
Atlases shown as links are in this repository
Atlas ProjectsProject Home
(external links)
Alberta 1987-1991 Project Home 
Alberta 2000-2005 Project Home 
Alabama 2000-2006 Project Home 
Arkansas 1994-2003 Project Home 
Arizona 1993-2000  
Birds of British Columbia  
Britsh Columbia 2008-2012 Project Home 
CA county atlases  
   Contra Costa Co. (CA) 1998-2002 Project Home 
   Humboldt Co. (CA) 1995-1999  
   Los Angeles Co. (CA) 1995-1999  
   Marin Co. (CA) 1976-1982  
   Monterey Co. (CA) 1988-1992  
   Napa Co. (CA) 1988-1993  
   Orange Co. (CA) 1985-1990 Project Home 
   Riverside Co. (CA) ?-?  
   Sacramento Co. (CA) 1988-93 and 2016-20  
   San Bernardino Co. (CA) ?-?  
   San Diego Co. (CA) 1997-2002 Project Home 
   San Francisco Co. (CA) 1991-1993 Project Home 
   San Luis Obispo Co. (CA) 1993-?  
   San Mateo Co. (CA) 1991-1995  
   Santa Clara Co. (CA) 1988-1993  
   Santa Cruz Co. (CA) 1987-1993  
   Solano Co. (CA) 2004-2010 (Published) Project Home 
   Sonoma Co. (CA) 1986-1991  
   Sonoma Co. (CA) 2011-2016 (2nd)  
   Yolo Co. (CA) 2008-2014 Project Home 
Colorado 1987-1994  
Colorado 2007-2011 Project Home 
Connecticut 1982-1986 (pending review)  
Delaware 1983-1987  
Delaware 2008-2012 (2nd) Project Home 
Florida 1986-1991 Project Home 
Florida 2011-2016 (2nd) Project Home 
Georgia 1994-2001  
Iowa 1985-1990 (pending review)  
Iowa 2008-2012 Project Home 
Illinois 1986-1991 (pending review)  
Indiana 1985-1990  
Indiana 2005-2011 (2nd) Project Home 
Kansas 1992-1997  
Kentucky 1985-1991  
Louisiana 1994-1996 Project Home 
Massachusetts 1974-1979 Project Home 
Massachusetts 2007-2011 (published!) (2nd) Project Home 
Manitoba 2010-2014  
MD county atlases  
   Howard Co. (MD) 1973-1975  
   Montgomery Co. (MD) 1971-1973  
Maryland & DC 1983-1987  
Maryland & DC 2002-2006 (published!) (2nd) Project Home 
Maine 1978-1983 (pending review)  
Michigan 1983-1988  
Michigan 2002-2008 Project Home 
Minnesota 2009-2013 Project Home 
Missouri 1986-1992 Project Home 
Mississippi 1997-2004 Project Home 
North Carolina 1988-1993  
NC county atlases  
   Mecklenburg Co. (NC) 2011-2014  
North Dakota 1950-1972 Project Home 
Nebraska 1984-1989  
Nebraska 2006-2010 Project Home 
New Hampshire 1981-1986 (pending review)  
New Jersey 1994-1997 Project Home 
New Mexico 2000-2011 Project Home 
NM county atlases  
   Los Alamos Co. (NM) 1984-1988  
Maritimes 1986-1990 Project Home 
Maritimes 2006-2010 Project Home 
Nevada 1997-2000 Project Home 
New York 1980-1985 Project Home 
New York 2000-2005 Project Home 
Ohio 1982-1987 Project Home 
Ohio 2006-2011 Project Home 
Oklahoma 1997-2001 Project Home 
Ontario 1981-1985 Project Home 
Ontario 2001-2005 Project Home 
Oregon 1995-1999 Project Home 
OR county atlases  
   Lane Co. (OR) 1983-1986 Project Home 
Pennsylvania 1983-1989  
Pennsylvania 2004-2008 Project Home 
Puerto Rico BBA Project Home 
Quebec 1984-1989  
Quebec 2010-2014  
Rhode Island 1982-1987 (pending review)  
South Carolina 1988-1995 Project Home 
South Dakota 1988-1993 Project Home 
South Dakota 2008-2012 Project Home 
Tennessee 1989-1991 Project Home 
Texas 1987-1992 Project Home 
Utah 2003-2010  
Virginia 1985-1989  
VA county atlases  
   Loudoun Co. (VA) 2009-2013 Project Home 
Vermont 1976-1981  
Vermont 2003-2007 (published!) (2nd) Project Home 
Washington 1987-1996 Project Home 
WA county atlases  
   Island Co. (WA) 2001-2002 Project Home 
   King Co. (WA) 1994-2000 Project Home 
   Kitsap Co. (WA) 1998-2000 Project Home 
   Kittitas Co. (WA) 1996-2000 Project Home 
Wisconsin 1995-2000 Project Home 
West Virginia 1984-1989 (pending review)  
West Virginia 2009-2014 Project Home 
 Compiled from 30 atlas projects (BBAs), with info on ~50 others
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> Cornell Lab of Ornithology
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