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Kevin E. Bonine 

Texas Toad (Bufo speciosus)

    The Texas toad, a large, chubby toad, is olive to grayish-brown with greenish warts in darker spots.  Its foot tubercles are often black and sharp.   The inner tubercles on the undersides of the hind feet are sickle-shaped.  The Texas toad has oval parotoid glands.  The total length ranges from 5.1 - 8.3 cm (2 - 3.25 in).  They are nocturnal and effective at burrowing.  They flatten themselves on the ground when threatened.  Breeding occurs from March through September following heavy rains in quiet waters of streams, marshlands, freshwater pools, and irrigation ditches. 

Call:  A continuous series of loud, high-pitched explosive trills, each 0.5 seconds in length.  Sounds like a riveting machine.

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